The rabbit hole of combining D4S emitters and aux LEDs

If there ever were a First World Problem™, this is it. It seems like there are a few ways to go about selecting which D4S configuration to buy. My first impression of the D4S I got from Mtn Electronics was that the cyan aux LEDs on low do a great job imitating the glow of tritium, but given how much the flashlight can be customized if you buy it directly, the importance of planning and style really come into play.

One approach is to just make the flashlight look good externally. For example, green tube with green aux LEDs for a sort of organic look, like a cut of magical bamboo that shoots out light; or black tube with amber aux LEDs for a look like a charred piece of firewood still burning at one end. Another approach would be to try to match the color with the main emitters. For example, since the XP-L HI 5D emitter has a warm tint, amber aux LEDs would make the flashlight look like it didn’t turn off fully but just went into a sleep mode. Or if you go with one of the cool white main emitters, then cyan aux LEDs to match.

What combination of tube color, aux LED color and emitter do you have in your D4S, or do you wish you had? And also, why, if you planned it that way?

I’ve been going back and forth with all the options and am still up in the air.

I’m deciding between Green, Green AUX and 5000K HI (to go with my Green D4) or Black, Red AUX and 5000K HI (because it looks like something Darth Vader would use).

I would like a black body and red aux LEDs.

I saw that someone else had asked if we could get aux LEDs on the D4? Let’s do it if possible.

1.xpl hi 4000k with cyan
2.sst20 3000k with amber
3.xpl hi 5000k with red
4,xpl hd 5000k with green

my E07 has the xpl hi 4000k with purple

If the D4S came with purple AUX leds, I’d pair it with a Green one for a Hulk-themed flashlight.

My Green D4 in 18350-mode uses a purple Efest cell for the mini Hulk look.

My D4Svn is green with blue-green aux. leds… The main Leds are 2 XPLhi 6800k and 2 XPG2 PDT ( don’t know the exact tint) for a really nice warm white tint (maybe in the 5600 range?)

Lexel sells an aux board that installs in a D4.

My aux boards are not limited to one color
LVP and low battery warning applies to the bigger ones

LVP and low battery warning tested on D4 lately sucessful

D4 normal