The Sky-Ray King Thrower Mod........ It's Finished! Beam shots are up

OL, did you happen to test the reflector for its beam pattern with XML yet?

If it's this one: it's pretty nice. I have one in a XML/3-D Mag.

edit: Oops, overlooked the dimensions in the first post, that's not it.

Got to admit the black SRK looks nice. With that big reflector it looks expensive. Black and chrome is always a nice combo.

The thing I wonder about is how much better it can be than a standard King. My King throws pretty dang good already but it isn’t a spotlight.

Do it, that is all.

My XinTD C8 V3 seems to throw slightly better than my SRK. It seems to get ~350m vs ~300m. The C8 has a ~40mm reflector (internal diameter), and the SRK has room for more like 48mm. So, I don’t really know what the result will be, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that this mod upgrades the throw from 300m to 400m or even 450m. It seems likely to be on par with a HD2010.

I use those reflectors in Maglites. It comes from CNQG. CNQG has one shallow and one deep. I have used them both many times. They will give a decent spot and basically they both throw. It’s more the diameter than the depth anyhow. It won’t be a super thrower pinpoint spot, but it will be more concentrated than a stock king. Of course, it won’t be as bright as a stock king, since it’s one led versus 3 leds, but that’s not the point anyhow. The point is just to be different, that’s all.

The OP is updated and I have a dilemma, which I have described in the OP.

I also ordered size A NiMHs from all-battery, so I am comitted to doing 4xA sized NiMH in series here.

Wait... how do you run a single 6v LED off two 105Cs?

An MT-G SRK would kick butt as an all-arounder! I don’t know if there are any tricks that will let you use one with AMC7135 drivers, though. You’d also need a boost driver if you’re committed to 4*NiMH, and a pretty BA one at that.

Sounds even more interesting. Where are you getting your raw mgt2 emitters? Please tell.

OL my vote is for the MTG2 :slight_smile:

i missed out on buying the caveman haha.

Master/slave and in parallel.

I’m not seeing how you can get 6v out of a nanjg and 4 nimh? seems to me your 1.2v short before driver losses.

Despite feeling xm-l tedium, my vote is for an xm-l and my gut reaction is xp-g2 3d tbh….

It’s just removed from a star. The leds came from cutter, sent to me by an AU member, who shall remain nameless, unless he wishes to name himself.Wink

I’d rather see the mtg-2/reflector in a d sized mag that can give an easy 8.4v, much simpler driver options I feel. :bigsmile:

Per another knowledgeable member:

Two AMC Drivers in Master/Slave

One one AMC Driver, you’d have to remove the SO-8 Chip (ATTINY13A).

Both AMC Board BAT+ connected to BAT+
Both AMC Board BAT- connected to BAT-
Solder wire from a VDD Pin of an AMC7135 of the Master board to a VDD Pin of the Slave board
LED+ to BAT+ or to Both AMC Board LED+ Connections
LED- to LED- on both Master and Slave board.

Edit, I put up incorrect information on this. This would only increase the amperage.

I'm sure not everyone saw the thread but Intl-Outdoor will soon be stocking the MT-G2s and their house-brand copper MCPCBs for them as well.

Man, that just gave me an idea. Couldn’t two drivers be run in series off the batteries to half the voltage to each. Example: Positive from battery to first driver’s positive, negative from first driver to positive of second driver, and negative from second driver to battery negative. Then parallel the drivers to the LED with one being a master.

That would give you double the current, but not the voltage needed to make it light up. Unless there's some other trick involved I'm not aware of.

You'd have to have a supply voltage higher than the LED's Vf, and a way to keep the MCU from frying at that higher voltage (which is possible), but you ain't gonna get there with only four NiMH.

comfychair’s response to another post also answered mine. Serial drivers would not provide enough voltage. Like above, the current would double, but not the voltage. So, while the drivers would not fry, the emitter would not light up.