The There Are No Stupid Questions Thread

Anyone know off the top of their head what firmwares will work and fit on a BLF A6 FET+1 Driver with an ATtiny13?

I really need something different, but id be happy with a pretty basic clicky firmware with battcheck and no strobes.

Yes, I’m pretty sure that is possible. If one 7135 is shorted by accident then there should be a minimum of 0.350 amp going through the driver and the light will not go dimmer than this.

I took a quick look at MTN E to see what he offers on that driver with ATtiny13. Besides Bistro, you can use Guppydrv Dual if you have access to it. That’s all I know, sorry.

Hmm, I was just wondering, is there no such thing as a stupid question?

There are no literally no stupid question, especially in this forum.

Asking a question means you are interesting in learning more, which we should cherish.

Discussion and research should be promoted to cultivate critical thinking, and encouraging being curious and asking questions is one way to do it.

Hmm, that didn’t land…

What is “the” best way to dispose of lion bats? (18650)

Just trying to imagine a hybrid of lion and bat.
So scared …


Include them as a “free gift” with a Cometa?

Can’t seem to find any disposal sites that will take it.

Still waiting for my cometa :smiley:

The correct answers are to take them to either a battery bin at your local hardware store or Best Buy, or to take them to your local household hazardous waste center

I used to do a lot of laptop cell pulls, so at one point I had a 10 lb bag of dead cells. The hazardous waste center wouldn’t take it, as they said they only took household waste. I said, “This is from a household, but I know what you mean.”
I ended up taking them to a Batteries + Bulbs, and they took the cells no questions asked.

:person_facepalming: :+1:

Well… NOW there is! :wink:

What about silicone oil or something similar for lubricated light tubes from Gearbest or Bangood? Thanks

I’m not sure what you mean by this, this CPF post is very helpful for making a decision on a lube. I use Super Lube on everything. I bought a big tube a couple years back and I haven’t even used a quarter of it yet. Not sure how easy it would be to get that where you are though.

Thanks. Thats what i want.But its more easy for me to buy something like that or nyogel 760 from GB or BG.Any suggestions?

Has anyone ever used Marvel Mystery Oil for lubing threads and O Rings ? :question:

So why are batteries round? well most of them aside from 9v, lantern, car batteries etc, does the round/cyclinder serve a purpose or is it just easier to manufacture?

Yes, many lithium batteries are sheets of matrix seperating some powdery stuff the sheets are rolled up making a cylinder