The There Are No Stupid Questions Thread

Already cold as hell for Oct and several inches of snow on the ground here, doubt there would be hardly anyone out Trick or Treating regardless unless the weather takes a sudden turn.

Still teeshirt weather here, but I think I’ll put out a biohazard sign so no one’ll bug me.

Just gotta love the mothers who put spiderwebs and lipstick on their babies in carriages, then go trick-or-treating.

Like a baby with 3 teeth in its whole head is gonna eat candy. Yah, right. You know who’s gonna be engorging on “fun-size” candybars that night…

um…is keeppower the same as LG? cuz i got this as a free gift when i ordered ft03 off of BG, and it says keeppower, but also LG HG2

Here in NJ the governor sent out a complex set of rules he would like followed pertaining to the handing out of candy , going door to door , ect.

I hope it is cold enough for me to break out my gorilla suit . Last year it was too warm .

I thought north country folks were tuff, like polar bears.
Lutherans, correct?

No, LG makes the battery, Keeppower resells it. Keeppower resells several brands and sometimes adds protection circuits.

so these ones i linked are just straight up LG batteries? i dont need to worry about it being branded keeppower?

This picture, right?

It looks like an OEM LG battery. I don’t know what the connection to Keeppower is. Typically Keeppower will at least rewrap the cell with their name on it. It’s possible you have a fake HG2 cell. The only way to be sure you get genuine cells just to get it from a reputable source. In your case I would try to measure it’s capacity to see if it’s around 3000 mAh (drain only to 2.80v then recharge and should be around 2800 mAh) Try it in some lights. If it works well, keep using it. If you have a clamp style ammeter you can measure the amp draw on turbo and see if it matches what other people have measured. If it’s way less amperage, then it might be a weak fake. If it’s very similar amperage, then it might be legit.

Has anyone seen my other sock?

Do BG sell fake batteries? I thought they were pretty legit since they dont have 3rd party sellers. But this being free kinda seems a bit sketchy, altho it is only 1 battery, and i think its for new user’s first order, so its not that unreasonable either

Yeah, it’s over there.

They do their best to not sell fakes, and if you get one they will refund your money.

This situation seems a bit different because it’s being included for free. Maybe it was sourced by Astrolux to be included with their light? I really don’t know. I wouldn’t worry about it unless it’s performance was bad.

I found it by the spare Tupperware lids.

I should have looked, it was in there

Lived here my whole life and my blood is at least half Slavic… still hate the cold. Seems like it feels worse every year.

Poot said it best:

I am confused about the prices of double AA penlights vs some of the 18650 rechargeable ones that come with batteries .

I purchased a Sofirn SF13 a while back and I think I paid 10 or 11 bucks for it .

I see on Amazon you can get a 1000 lumen, double OSRAM with a 2600mAh battery for $10.99

It seems the AA’s would be much cheaper or the other much more expensive

Even the better penlights that are 20-30 dollars seem pricy vs the 18650’s that are budget priced and come with batteries .

Why do yanks still use the ancient imperial system for measurements?

Will it explode their brains to join the rest of the planet and use the metric system?

Hey, we have 2ℓ bottles of sody-pop, so there!

We use what we’re told to use and what is around us constantly. Same as you. I think any complaints you have should be directed towards the government.

Isn’t this a Q and A thread? I’m not complaining, was hoping for an actual answer to my question