The three most popular Budget lights... ( Under $50 )

i would have to disagree about the sk68, even though it was voted on… i think it only won because it has been around forever, and almost all flashaholics have one.
i was kind of disappointed to see that that light was voted to be on the front page. there were so many more worthy lights to choose from

I’m going to have to look into the ZY lights… Don’t know too much about them.

The A8 is another uber popular light. I thought about including it as well. But it doesn’t seem to get as much attention as the other three…

sk68, ea4, srk

HD2010, SRK, ZY-T13

Was not that the point? Almost everyone have one. Hence its the most popular light. And its super cheap, great value and very flexible (flood/ zoom, AA/14500) so it represents the budget part extremely well.
Which lights would you say were more worthy alternatives to the SK68? (preferably representing similar battery size and low price)

Short version.
Both have pretty much the same diamater on the head as the HD2010. I think the reflectors are pretty much the same (someone correct me if im wrong).
ZY-T13 have two batteries in series. Electronic side switch. And a forward clicky on the back. Usually 25$ (but many have bought them cheaper on various sales from Wallbuys). Resistor mod can easily bump it up to 3A to the emitter. Stock is about 2A.

ZY-T08 have two batteries in parallel. Reverse clicky on the back. I believe its usually 2 amps to the emitter. More popular to mod since it can use every type of driver out there. Resistor mod can also be done. Stock tailcap readings are usually slightly above 2 amps, but can be higher… About 25$.
Here is a nice review of the one FT sell, you can also see it compared to HD2010 in size.
There are lots of reviews of that light!

just because everyone has one does not mean its a good light. and i will say c8 would deserve it way before the sk68. there was no price or battery requirement for the vote, so i dont see a need for it here :stuck_out_tongue:
yes they are cheap, but thats about all they have going for them. my opinion.
edit: and how many flashaholics that voted for the sk68 actually use one on a daily basis, or has it as a goto light? im sure most have moved on to better options

It kinda was… Ill quote SB:

Here is the thread for those who might be interested.


You get what you pay for. It was total crap… Hopefully the recently Ordered XinTD will be better.

sounded like a suggestion, rather than a requirement.
i personally do not think the sk68 is worth the few dollars it cost. i would rather spend that money towards an upgrade on a light i currently own.
you obviously like the sk68 and i obviously do not, so this can go on all day.

I only have one come into mind directly trustfire T1 xml with 2x18650 version.
come a second after shall be the SRK triple xml (all variants) and ultrafire 501…

Actually, Pulsar, the title of the thread refers not to best quality but popularity so the SK68, because everyone has one, must be there like it or not. I’d put the a C8 there too for the same reason. Lastly I’d say the Tank007 E09 has to be the third because yet again almost everyone has one.

srk - c8 variant - p60 variant

I have a bunch more lites to buy!

Two more very popular lights are the Jacob A60 and the STL- V6.

dont worry dale, I don’t have and wont own

skyray king

p60’s I just feel should have been taken out and shot a long time ago, king is pointless considering the chicago x magic wand build I shall be finishing later (3000 lumen plus in something as wide as and shorter than a 2d mag tube), and I absolutely completely and totally hate zoomies with a passion.

I would say must haves are a c8, tube light and a 50 + mm reflectored light, if you go for the trustfire t1/tr1200 varients there are options for both flood and throw available off the shelf, as these lights use a screw in module a little like a p60 but less crap.

I don’t have any of the lights in the OP, but I have a bunch of L2x (including one of the SS ones), and a bunch of C8s, plus 2 SK68 clones.

TK75, Olight SR92 and RC40.

those are a bit above $ 50