This is a beast

You’re saying the glass will absorb almost 25% of total light output.

I think it would only absorb a maximum of 15%, so closer to 2975 lumens.

Holy crap!I must have this.Definitely in line for results of a review,too much cash to throw down blindly.

glass and reflector losses, plus the centering devices tend to eat a few lumens, seven of them will eat a lot of lumens.

then look at seven emitter lights, there are precious few that beat the 3000 lumen mark stock as they are all driven between 1 and 1.5a per emitter.

Glass plus reflectors. It is a rare light that can exceed 80% optical efficiency. Most are in the 70-75% range. Those small reflectors are real killers…

Ah yes, I forgot about reflector losses. I can’t get a good look at the centering rings from the pictures supplied, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

MTG2’s are for sissies…. Texaspyro's Handmade Multi-Emitter DIY Contest Entry

Nah, they just use random number generators

Fasttech specs - 3800lm, beam 500m

Aliexpress specs - 2700lm, beam 1,000m

its a total lottery.........

Unfortunately, someone's gotta take a hit and review it before I'd drop that much on an unknown light.

If anyone is about to buy, check out this site for a nice price drop down from $121 to $76:

But…diving flashlight?? Surely doesnt look like a submersible model with a sliding switch.

what is this triple mtg2 btu shocker that your talking bout?

dude that is dirt cheap. man what if its not as bright as fasttechs….i should jump on this right now actually before they raise the price

actually, their way of payment is only western union and some other thing. and they need to email you shipping cost.

Yes you’re right. It’s one hell of a beast!

Me like it a lot! :heart_eyes:
That is the most desirable huge sized multi-emtter light I have ever seen. It looks so great and bad-ass at the same time!
Have anyone ordered it?

I im skeptical about 2 things though.
-The built in bezel, it looks to be a bit long, might steel some light.
-Mod friendly for higher output?

ex sending.. unfortunately.

What does that mean?

Looks good :slight_smile:

Ah yeah, no free shipping, and they probably charge a couple bucks for using paypal too. You have to put it in the cart and do a “pre order” to see how much, they say “we will email it to you”. Even if its “a lot” for Chinese places, it wont be near the $50 difference in price I’m sure.

SZ wholesale has come through on a lot of my deals in the past. They have consistently had better price and when I have bough something from them they have packed it up really nice and safe and shipped it to me right fast. They get my thumbs up.

I've pulled the trigger on this badboy this morning. I can't wait to get it in my hands!

I have to say the finish, as well as the machining quality, is unlike anything I've ever seen from Trustfire. It actually looks like something Armytek could have produced. With luck a simple resistor mod can make it's performance as beastly as it's looks. Can't wait to see it in person. :bigsmile:

Cells and LED's - same as a J18. A J18 with the IOS driver and you got 5,000 - 5,500 lumens. So, for the extra cost of this light, you are getting maybe a preferred UI, form factor, host quality? Dunno, too many maybe's - if there was something more to it (U2's at least) ...

This is supposedly infinitely variable, so not sure how a driver change will work with the current switch if it really is infinitely variable.