Thorfire TG067 - Help Please!

Does anyone have a lead on one of these or any other 14500/AA clicky that always starts sub lumen?

Sofirn SP10 had a version with a short cut to an extremely low moonlight/firefly mode. Not sure which it was, maybe A or B.
Try this thread Sofirn SP10B - Anyone? - #152 by Hedy
Can’t find TG067. Only 06S and that starts on high.

It’s the ’B.

Gf has my ’A (l/m/h+s).

I still got my ’B (f/l/m+h+s).

Both have mode-mem, though. Don’t think either has a shortcut to lowest, as they’re longpress to turn on.

The ’B has a really nice firefly mode, to the point I gotta actually look at the LED to make sure it’s actually off.

That was the reason I stopped using mine. Too much of a PITA to check if it was on all the time. I had an A and a B but I stole the emitter out of the A so I can’t check it’s UI. Somehow I remember a shortcut to firefly with it. I do remember the UI was in flux. Not all As or Bs were the same depending on when they were bought.

Edit- yeah, I found a conversation about this here - “REVIEW”: Sofirn SP10B (AA/14500) w/ night beamshots [PIC HEAVY] - #15 by pennzy