thoughts on this?

thanks for the quick reply! is there a light that is bright enough on it’s own without the use of bar lights? I’ve been using a light and motion arc li-on for the past 4 years and it’s been fine for racing. a friend of mine just bought the exposure diablo mk3 but i just can’t justify spending $250 on another light when i have a perfectly fine set (as cumbersome the cords may be)

what batteries do you recommend? I see a lot of vendors like t-mart, dx, etc…not sure if i should be looking there rather than the amazon.

i’m looking for something comparable to the exposure diablo mk3. run time between 1-2 hours is fine on high.

Have a look at this thread from BetweenRides. cehowardGS is a "pro" (ok, not really) when it comes to flashlights on bikes too. He loves his Keygos M10's (review here, buy here). I'd say to pair an M10 or two with a Trustfire Flame Protected 26650 and the Trustfire TR-005 charger - both of which have been tested, reviewed, and recommended by benckie here and here.

Hope that helps. BTW - I don't personally own any of these.


Sorry to highjack this thread, but since all the bike junkies are out here…

What do you guys think of this light

And heres something for the original poster. I just got a pair of Tenergy 2600 ma 18650’s, from batteryjunction. They were $9 a piece.

I got the tl100 charger from there also. It works fine, but the batteries are pretty tight in there, I just knock the thing on something to knock the batteries out. And it’s a slow charger, but it’s cheap. But there are better ones out there.

I have never seen the diablo mk3 before (or any reviews about it)

If you like the design of the flashlight you post in #1: Ultrafire 502 $10,99 with an XM-L with 600 Lumen

I like thsi design more, because it couldn’t roll on the floor: Ultrafire 504 $12,99 with an XM-L with 600 Lumen

The same charger as on amazon for $4,39:


I would take this Solarforce V3, 2600mAh, $14,50 a pair + $2 shipping

or for example this $6,89 each MarsFire/Sanyo 2600mAh

Here is a small review to both (old4570 wrote them).
MarsFire/Sanyo 2600mAh - Manafont do not offer tehm at the moment


Here's a link to a ceHowardGS post with the M10's including beamshots.


If you do decide to get that light you might want to try purchasing it here since it will mostlikely be cheaper. (Ultrafire-shop always has items at higher costs)

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boy1dr, I'm not clear: You are currently using the L&M Arc on your bars or helmet? It makes a huge difference if you are looking for a torch for the bars or the helmet, as I would use a larger light on the bars than on your lid.

If you have decent night vision, you can get away with one torch, but I wouldn't recommend it. I'm a roadie but do some light trail riding, nothing too technical. My setup for night riding this Fall is going the be a Shadow JM07 for flood, Trustfire A8 for throw, both mounted on the bars. These use 26650 batteries, which should give you 120 minutes run time on high, much longer with wiser use of Medium and Low. Both of these lights are every bit as bright as the Diablo, with better run time. and at a fraction of the cost. You could pick up both 2 batteries and a charger for about 1/2 of the cost of the Diablo.

I'll use one of the smaller form factor 18650 lights on my lid if needed. Refer to the thread Garry linked to to get some ideas on those lights. The A8 could also be used as a helmet light with it's compact form factor, but you have to decide how much weight you are comfortable with on your helmet, as too heavy a light causes it to shift on the head.

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hi betweenrides, currently i use the L&M on my helmet for both road and xc riding, but find the battery and cord combo bothersome. For road i’m looking for a helmet mounted light. For offroading i like your suggestions or maybe i’ll just mount the L&M on my bars and use the helmet mounted light. do the 26650 batteries create a thicker barrel on the light? I’m hoping to be able to use the exposure helmet mount

it’s such a sleek mounting system. I think the 16650 lights are the only ones that might fit. i’ll take a look at some of the great suggestions above in more detail but i think some of the barrels might be too thick.

Also, i noticed one of the recommendations uses both types of batteries. Is that 1 of each (16550/26650)? So 2 in total?

Please enjoy your time here, boy1dr!

Now I understand what you are looking for. 18650 size will give you the most choices, as that is the predominant flashlight cell size for Li-ion lights. These are 18mm in diameter (little under 3/4") by 65mm in length (little over 2-1/2"). 26650 cells are same length but thicker diameter at 26mm (just over 1"). That translates to slightly larger diameter body tube for 26650 lights. 26650 batteries have a higher capacity however, which translates to longer run time. Most of my 18650 cells are 2600mAh, where as my King Kongs are tested at over 4200mAh, an increase of about 61%. That works out to 2:15+ hours run time on High for my JM07 on 26650, 1:20-1:30 using 18650 on high (The JMO7 will run on either size with a supplied battery tube adapter). I generally carry a pack of 2x18650 cells as spares on my rides in case I need them in any of my lights.

The Exposure Joystick mount is pretty slick, one of the nicest helmet mounting options out there, but at a ridiculous price of $30:

That being said, it's solid as a rock and I doubt you could find a better one. I use this for bar mounting and this for bar or helmet. My suggestion is to the measure your friend's joystick holder against these flashlight diameters. The joystick needs to be just slightly smaller for the torches to fit tightly.

Shadow JMO7 (26650/18650) - 31.5mm
Trustfire A8 (26650) - 33mm

Solarforce L2P/L2/L2T (18650) - 25mm
Solarforce M8 (18650) - 25mm
N-light ST50 (18650) - 25mm
Roche F12 (18650) - 23.5mm
Thrunite T30 (18650) - 25mm
Ultrafire 2100 (18650) - 23.5mm

By the way, the TwoFish knock offs will hold both sized lights, bar or helmet, but on the bar will shake a little. Regardless, you should buy 3-4 as spare mounts. I plan to try the A8 on my helmet some this year. All the 18650 lights listed above work well on the helmet or bar, but particularly well on the helmet. This is just a sample of lights that will work - lot's more out there. All the above 18650 lights give out 500-800 lumens and have run times from 1 hour up to 1:45 on high. I never use the helmet mount for more than a few minutes here and there, so run time has never been an issue. Bar lights alternate between High/Medium/Low depending on the terrain. I've never had to replace a battery on a ride, but YMMV.

Speaking of helmet mountain systems, this velcro style helmet mount from Intl-outdoors looks very interesting, and cheap:

There’s 1 favourable review for it…

Looks pretty nice, JR. Do you think it's big enough to fit on a helmet? With 3 different mounting positions on it, you could really light up the night!

do you guys recommend a particular site? is fancy flashlight a reputable site? What is typical shipping times?

Fancy flashlights is reputable, ric posts on here, I’ve just made my first order and the lengths they went to to ensure it would arrive staggered me.

Yes. All the links I provided to you are reputable sites. Smile Wouldn't steer you wrong there. FancyFlashlights (free shipping) same as CN Quality Goods (lower prices, but pay extra for shipping). Ric-CN runs them both and is a BLF member. For any of these outfits, I recommend you pay a little extra for tracking if it isn't already included (FF it is for orders over $30). For most parts of U.S., it takes 14-21 days. International Outdoor Store, pretty much the same, run by Hank. Solarforce is good, 10-14 days, because they ship HK Post. Kaidomain: Takes 3-4 weeks. Thrunite-Store, about the same.

I just ordered from I/O and KD about 4 weeks ago. My orders took only about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks. The I/O order said "shipped" status much quicker than KD, however KD's showed up a few days earlier. I usually try to leave a comment when ordering that says "please inform me if any items are out of stock before shipping. Or, better yet, email and ask if items are in stock before placing the order.

You can add HK Equipment to the "recommended sellers" list, but they don't really sell parts - mainly flashlights and batteries/chargers. I had excellent communication with them by email and highly recommend using them.


are there specific lights that regulate better than others? what should i be looking for? do you get what you pay for essentially?

Lot's of lights are regulated, but as a general rule, most cheap budget lights are not. Among my collection, the two I know for sure that are current regulated are my Balder BD-2 and my Thrunite T30. Generally it says so in the manufacturer specs if they are. In practical terms, for cycling it's not that important to me. With my ride group, we're trading pulls, so I'm switching frequently between Medium, Low and High. Even riding with it on High for a long time, your eyes don't really perceive the gradual drop off in lumens until it goes pretty far.