thumbnail pic deals

Hi BLF’ers
Came across this great forum with a page with lots of thumbnail pics of great lights on offer.
Having trawled the site I’m darned I can find it again. Any pointers much appreciated.


Superstar, many thanks.

As a newbie didnt realise you are Mr, but it makes sense.

Realised when looking for decent batteries for my few lights (convoy S2’s) .

Read your article
What should I buy please? the LG one? Happy with whatever your recommendation is.

Many thanks

I presume you mean me, since I’m the only one who answered lol.
Nothing to do with me (, although I did contact them and point them this way /ask them for a discount for BLF members in the first place.
How many UK buyers on here use them I have no idea, I used them a couple of times and found them cheap and a good company to deal with. Maybe contact them directly and ask - they are very helpful.
Probably best email them direct - they do have an account here though -

My apologies,
a case of mistaken identity, my bad.

No worries :+1: