Tint Ramping/Channel Switching Anduril Feature needed

  • It is with the utmost respect and gratitude toward the forum members here and developers of these awesome tools- both the firmware and hardware, I ask this assistance…

Good evening. I recently configured, ordered and received several dual-channel Emisar & Noctigon flashlights (D4SV2 white/green, KR4 NW/Red, D4V2 CW/Blue). My thinking was, I’d have a punchy white light on one channel and an attention getting color on the other that I could set to strobe for emergencies in one package. Let me explain:

  • I once witnessed a bad car accident on an unlit section of highway which proceeded to involve more vehicles hitting the 1st pair involved as they sped toward the wreck in the relative darkness. I had only a AA Zebralight with me at the time and proceeded to wave it about, trying in vain to warn oncoming traffic. Though I was in a safe position with a good angle to shine my light to warn oncoming vehicles it wasn’t working… In the stress and confusion, I forgot how to switch the output from “beacon” to strobe, thinking that might have been more effective. In the end, 5 vehicles were involved and multiple people injured. Since then, I resolved to memorize the click sequence of whatever I happen to be carrying (hence my almost complete conversion of lights using Anduril) and to carry something with a lot more punch going forward.
  • Enter the channel switching Emisar’s & Noctigon’s- they seemed like the perfect fit… great for normal lighting tasks with channel 1 spec’d with competent white-light emitters, and ideal for emergency use with the colored LED’s running strobe on channel 2. I was disappointed to find that even when the “colored channel” is selected, strobe runs both channels, somewhat lessening the attention-getting effect (at least in my obviously biased situational testing) of 10hz blast of red, green, or blue light coming at you.
  • Could someone comment on:
    -Did I miss an option already featured with the current Anduril II build(s) that allow one channel to be selected when running strobe?
    -Would it be feasible to add the ability to select a specific channel for use with strobe (party strobe and bike-light mode also display this characteristic, conversely, lightning and candle mode operate on whatever channel the light is configured to-precisely how I want strobe to behave)?

Best Regards,
Dirty Ernie

I don’t think it can do that right now but I’m sure it could be implemented if everyone got on board with it. You might pose the question in the development thread where TK and others are active and more likely to see: Anduril ... 2?

That said, I think you might be best served by going a more traditional route with standard road emergency items - and double check the legality to begin with of using the colored beacons for oncoming traffic as a civilian. I know sometimes there isn’t time or there are other cautions, but the usual triangle signs are both effective and expected by most motorists……they see them and they know what it means. Same with traditional flares (if legal/safe) or LED “flare” devices now, either rotating or flashing. In addition to any potential glare/dazzling issues that can happen with a handheld powerful flashlight, there’s also the chance that drivers may be briefly confused and either not slow down or maneuver away, or possibly even drive into the confusing light source (really…that happens!). A handheld light waved manually is an ok backup but not a very safe option as a sole source of alert (and using them that way, wand covers/cones are safer than an open beam). And always be sure to place the triangles/”flares” way way back…at highway speed 100 yards is a blink of an eye so taking time to walk at least one of them back away 200 yards is smart.

imho, follow the examples of the professional road responders like police, EMT, tow truck drivers, etc. Stick to things that drivers know and expect.

Why not one of those Rovyvon keychain style lights that have a aux flashing color.

> I was disappointed to find that even when the “colored channel” is selected, strobe runs both channels, somewhat lessening the attention-getting effect (at least in my obviously biased situational testing) of 10hz blast of red, green, or blue light coming at you.

If I read your idea correctly, you want colored strobe with no white light strobe. Seems reasonable, especially since candle mode works without white light

whatever code is enabling candle, could be coded to the strobe command…

have you researched whether oncoming drivers respond to strobes of different colors?

If I was driving on a dark road, a strobe would not stop me, because I have never seen a strobe while driving, and therefore have not been trained to recognize it as a safety warning.

I would be more likely to consider a strobe a threat to my visibility. I would shield my eyes, and would try to drive past it. My reaction would not be the one you want.

So, rethink the idea that you can stop traffic with a strobe. imo a Solid Red light would be the most likely to make me stop. I would not stop for green, nor blue, since Ive never seen those colors used to stop traffic. Im not trained to stop for strobes.

I would be more likely to stop for a solid reflective triangle, or flares, or a solid red light.

IF the red light was flashing, I would interpret that to mean, proceed with caution, not STOP.

IF you ever see an accident again, in the dark, and want to warn oncoming traffic… Shine a light on the Accident, so cars can see the obstacle.

Illuminate the accident, with constant, not flashing, white light.

Do not illuminate the oncoming drivers with a single flashing light, of any color, nor white light.

the only flashing colors I would stop for would be Red and Blue, since I would interpret that as Police. However, it is technically illegal to “Impersonate” a Police officer. And I would be expecting any red/blue lights to be on top of a car, and spaced out to the size of a car.

I would not recognize a flashlight sized, single flashing light, as a vehicle. It would confuse me, and I would try to drive around or past it.

If I saw a single Red Flashing light, I would interpret that as a bicycle. I would not stop, I would try to drive around it… again not the response youre looking for.

Better to shine your Solid white light on the accident, so other drivers can see the threat.