TK's Emisar D4 review

“My other wide-spectrum quad makes everything look so good it’s almost unreal”

Somebody needs to make this light. I’d buy it…

Good choice. I love mine and am not too bothered by the heat on turbo.

Bookmark that and put a note in your calendar to come back in a year and tell us how it’s worked out.

The thing about an exponential curve (which describes improvements in software and semiconducter hardware including LEDs):
the curve always looks flat behind you and steep in front of you. Wherever you are.


Fakkkk. One day later and I’m already bookmarking about 7 lights (that are out right now) that are on my wish list. You called it!

What I meant was if I became a flashaholic a few years ago, all the lights I’d be buying today would be replacing the older ones because of the updated technology/ more practical reasons. How much more advanced can we get than the most advanced in 2017??

As an example when Smartphones were first introduced there were practical reasons to upgrade with each iteration (to me anyway). Now whenever a new iPhone comes out I yawn. Smartphones cannot innovate as much as the beginning.

So yes I am an addict but not for practical reasons :sunglasses:

And the next thing is already cocking, please read in the Spaghetti Monster thread:
From Toykeeper: Anduril a UI for FSM
A firmware under development similar to Narsil.
Anduril is described in post #3in the thread of Spaghetti Monster (FSM)

Things which still have a lot of room for improvement:

  • Current lights are still in the range of ~70 to ~130 lm / W, while the theoretical maximum for white light is 300 lm / W. So, that can go quite a bit farther… especially if we find a way to convert heat into usable energy.
  • Batteries are advancing every year too, which tends to make things interesting.
  • Driver designs have been getting better and fancier, and there’s quite a bit of opportunity left there… particularly for boost drivers for higher-voltage configurations. And increasing efficiency of moon modes.
  • High-CRI lights are still not as common as they should be.
  • Color-related features can be added, plus IR and UV.
  • Dynamic tint might become a thing — changing the tint from warm white to cool white on the fly.
  • The ability to change beam shape on the fly might be interesting too, or even adding a laser.
  • There are still lots of ideas to explore in interface design, especially when using more than just a single button.
  • Built-in charging and powerbank functions are still relatively uncommon. Other multifunction ideas are also mostly unexplored too.
  • Auxiliary lights are still pretty simple and uncommon, like a switch/button LED. For example, I still hope to make a tailcap LED board which shows battery state while the light is off.
  • A few people have added small screens to their flashlights… which might be an interesting idea to explore. I suspect it’s probably of very limited usefulness though.
  • Extra sensors can be interesting too, like for sensing light and heat and gravity, maybe even sound.
  • Aesthetics change all the time.

Things which aren’t likely to improve much:

  • The physical size of each type of light is unlikely to decrease much. This is partially due to ergonomics and partially due to the need for thermal mass to deal with heat. However, higher efficiency can decrease the need for thermal mass.
  • Physical interfaces have mostly been explored already. Buttons today are mostly the same as they were decades ago. Adding extra buttons or fancier inputs still adds just as much complication as it did in the past.
  • Logical interfaces are still improving, but on fairly simple lights some aspects seem like they’re approaching an optimal state. For example, many people in different cultures came up with very similar designs for a ramping UI with one e-switch and one emitter (logically, the D4 is only one emitter since all four LEDs operate as one). There likely isn’t much room to improve on the basic operation there.
  • Basic blinky modes don’t change much over time, and fancy blinky modes have very limited usefulness.
  • Reflectors and optics don’t really change.
  • Host materials don’t really change. We already know which materials work best for which purposes.
  • The useful brightness level of EDC lights has pretty much already been exceeded. My D4 may be able to make 4000 lumens, but most of the time I use less than 200. More lumens can be added, but it’s an upgrade with diminishing returns.

Not a complete list, but hopefully it shows that there is still room left to grow.

Also, while it’s more of a social thing than a technological thing, one big area for improvement is getting companies more aligned with the communities they serve. Making their products more mod-friendly and more based on community feedback. Improving code portability and hardware moddability so people can mix and match whatever hardware and firmware they want. Treating people as collaborators instead of consumers. Encouraging people to get involved.

That social change is the main thing I’ve been working on the past few years.

Any Carclo supplier in Asia? Mouser does not carry the 10623. Planning to replace the 10621 in my D4.

bunnicula, ’oogle: carclo aliexpress

and set the search tools for verbatim

that will find anything Ali has to offer

Thanks hank, already did that but unfortunately, Aliexpress doesn’t have any.

G'Day BLF'ers, and Noctigon followers,

The Emisar D4 from is now available with Nichia 219CT 90CRI 5000K LEDs

Edit: And the Noctigon Meteor M43 from is also available with the same LEDs

Best Regards,


There’s a pocket clip option now too. Any details/pics on that?

Ordered one with frosted optic and pocket clip. Thanks for the tip!

Thanks for the heads up, looks like the M43 is out of stock already

I wonder if it’s possible to have the D4 UI In the M43?

Do we have a pic of the pocket clip is selling?


No, but if you want the M43 UI on a D4, that’s already about two thirds implemented. (UI1 and UI2 are working, but I got distracted before doing UI3)

The M43 driver isn’t as mod-friendly, so it has no other firmwares available.

The news about the clip, and the 5000K 90CRI emitter option, is interesting. I definitely want to see what the clip is like, and I might be tempted to try the higher-CRI emitter too. It’d be even more tempting at 4500K or 4750K though.

Hoping the clip is nice, and that it can fit the 18350 size D4. OTOH, I might just use another SolarForce clip on my D4 shorty, and grind down a couple parts which stick out. The adjustments take a while since it’s pretty hard metal, but those clips are pretty nice once they’re fitted.


Yeah, apparently people were messing with their bezels and not tightening things properly afterward, which interfered with thermal transfer from the MCPCB to pill. So he had to add screws to hold the MCPCB down.

It worked fine when left alone, but I guess people weren’t leaving it alone.