TK's Emisar D4 review

The Carclo 10621 optic will produce a tighter beam, focusing the hot spot, enabling a longer throw with less flood, as compared to the 10622 Carclo optic which produces a slightly less focused beam with more spill.
I’m not certain of how perceptible the differences are in real world usage with the XPL-HI V2 3A emitters, but I’ll find out soon.

thanks !

I have used 10621 in custom builds like a quad BLF X5 with xp-g3 , and Nichia 219C in another , unfortunately i don’t have the same emitters under 10622 to compare them , but beam is great for sure .

Just wondered if it would have a positive effect on light transmittance.

Oh, I get it now. Adding optical oil film between them should work too. Less permanent, but if something goes wrong (it gets in the optic cavities f.e.) it’s easier to clean.

Is there a thread or link where it explains how to find and flash those UIs? I’d love the Olight or Zebralight UI in my D4

This thread has all the info about ToyKeeper’s wonderful e-switch UIs.

Follow the links in TK’s signature to learn about the flashing process and hardware needed.

I’ve flashed several of my lights with Andúril. It’s awesome! :heart_eyes:

I just received the 3M 6900 Photoluminescent Film.
I applied it to the D4, above the LED board and below the optics, around the inner rim.
I cut the length approx. 1.0mm to short, so there is a slight gap.
I’ll be redoing it shortly.

The measurements I cut the strip to are:

- 73.25mm length.
Should be approx. 74.25mm length.

  • 1.85mm width
    Originally I cut it too wide and trimmed it to fit.

  • 1” x 6” strip (25.4mm x 152.4mm), if no mistakes are made, can do (27) D4 heads!
    I purchased 20 strips.
    I better buy more D4’s :smiley:

You can wrap it around the inner rim leaving the backing on, to check the fit lengthwise and the width.

The tape applies to the inner rim in a perfect circle without creasing.
After application, I suggest to push down with your finger and check for any space between the tape and surface, and seat the tape as needed, and then run your finger nail around the tape a few times to insure the adhesive seats.

In photo #4, you can see the gaps at 9 o’clock and the 5:30 position. I lifted the tape with a plastic toothpick and corrected this.
When you apply the tape in a circle, these spaces may appear but are easily corrected prior to setting the adhesive with your fingernail as described above.

The glow is very bright.

The light has been off 15 minutes, and the glow is just enough to see the light in a dark room from several feet away.
I believe the subtle glow will last for several hours.

Here are some pics.
I used the 3M 3350 tape I have to lift the optics.

great job - thanks for sharing

Thank you. Anytime :slight_smile:

Here is the redo without the gap.
The updated measurements are:

- 75.93mm length

  • 2.39mm width
    The above measurements are approx. and have leeway.
    The 2.39mm width rides the full width of the inner rim, using the bottom ‘ledge’ as a guide for application.
    This does not interfere with the optics sitting correctly.
    The 75.93mm length has a slight overlap, which you want to alleviate any chance of a gap.


And today… XPL HI 1A with the 18350 tube on aspire battery gave me an unexpected beamshot at outdoors! Wow… officially my #1 EDC now!

Can’t see anything…

Tree is all the way on the other side crossing the road and into someone’s yard… (65~70 meter, 215 ft)

And point it down to my yard at the bush (29 meter, 95ft)

Nice beam shots.
The D4 XPL-HI V2 3A in 18650 config. has become my EDC.

How far is the tree, approx., in photo #2?

I really have no idea… but here is the daylight shot… maybe I’ll find a way to measure it one day lol.

Thanks for the photo.
It looks like the distance from the red bushes to the tree is maybe half (but after looking at the photo some more) maybe equal the distance from the pavers to the red bushes.
Depth perception may be a little off by only having the photo as a reference.
40+40 meters?

Great pics yuhsin ,google maps is your friend if you want to measure any distance on a map.

Great pics also biker, thanks for the detailed write up.

Thanks Ven.
I’ve been spending more time here than on cpf lately :slight_smile:
My TN36UTvn and T6vn got some good use during Irma recently.
Really loving my new EDC, the D4.
Amazing light.
Still has a subtle glow after 3 hours.

Thanks for the google map advice guys! just did my front door to the red bush and the far tree and here are the numbers:
Bush: 29 meter (95ft)
Tree far away: 65 or 70 meter (215ft)
I will edit these numbers into my original post

Thanks for checking that out.
So from the pavers to the tree is approx. 65-70 meters.
I wasn’t too far off.
I happened to be in your backyard lol!

Now I have a XP-L HI 3A (Blue) on my way but it’s going to take a few days… I’ll do the same shot when it’s here too. I now also thinking about the regular XP-G2 S4-2B 5700k one in grey… and this one can get here in 3 days since it’s stocked… should I pull another trigger? :person_facepalming: