TK's Emisar D4 review

M4D M4X, you gotta be more forthcoming when showing a pic like that man! Where, how much, when, definitely interested… :wink:

Host is small so 10-15W more than enough for it(driver also heve good termal control, without oscillation like D4). With such current and 219C/xpg3 with low voltage drop, buck driver is good choice.
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I had to look up the page source to know what you guys are talking about. And then edit the facebook site source to actually see the picture.
M4D M4X, your image shows up only for facebook users.

My feelings as well

Interesting about blowing led’s in a ti light, I have 3 XHP-50.2’s in my Reylight Titanium X6 and they’re hanging in there just fine, making 10,200 lumens. Maybe I should be worried. ? Then again, my EDC is a scratch built Titanium light with copper pill, now using 4 XP-L2’s for 4,123 lumens. Use it all the time. Been carrying it for almost a year now. No issues. Nor are there any issues with my Titanium Sinner’s (2 18650’s {one with finned copper pill as a triple, one single emitter} and 1 18350 EDC triple), or Olight Ti S1 or Ti Fenix AAA keychain light my Dad shows off to everybody. Or Ti Matchbox Instruments HF. And come to think on it, the Titanium Innovations Ti keychain light my daughter uses daily works just fine too. Almost forgot about the little Reylight in Titanium I have, also working fine. Oh yeah, and my Klarus Mi7Ti, also just fine and dandy! As is my Ti Tool from Lumintop. Wow, left out my Thrunite Ti5T, the Nichia 219 is purring right along in this one too.

13 for 13, batting 1000! :wink:

Gee, can’t think of any Titanium lights giving issues…. bring on the Titanium D1S! :smiley:

Thanks! I think you’re referring to my beamshots of the D1, D1S, and D4 in TK’s D1 / D1S review thread.

My D1 and D1S are both XP-L HI V2 3A 5000K emitters.

My D4 is an early model with 219C 5000K ~80 CRI emitters, not the newer 219C 5000K 90+ CRI variant.

This info is in the beamshot photos but I’ll add it to my post as well.

My Reylight titanium triple had 3x 219C leds and a FET+1 driver. I thought it was doing fine when it was on max for a minute, the outside was only moderately warm so I did not notice much, but inside, the copper pill was apparently cooking already. The 219C’s never died but they are 25% less bright now.

If you are aware of this unhandy behaviour of titanium (which I am now) you can just step down in time and everything will be fine. But you need to keep monitoring a hotrodded titanium light.

I saw this floating around too…

Yes, thank you.

The Solarforce clip came in today. What I had to grind the ID was a Dremel and a fine wheel. It took time but eventually got the job done. No copper washers yet, so I did as someone mentioned… solid copper wire pounded to the right thickness. I clipped a “V” of it to fit inside and give at least one contact point. The D4 is back in business and the clip looks like it belongs on it. It should have been designed that way since the o-ring isn’t quite in the proper place now. Maybe the D4.2 will be designed with a proper clip in mind.

I’m going to keep the lanyard ring since this light is of the proper size for a finger lanyard.

Wow, need to keep up with this thread more.
The copper head D4 pics are teasing me really bad. I hope to see some available SOON. Would be perfect if all the aluminum parts thread on it to lego as you wish.

Me.Want.Titanium.D4.Period. :cowboy_hat_face:

Pretty sure those pics are of a stainless steel and copper light. Still, looks nice…

If it’s titanium and copper, it’d probably be only a little heavier than the aluminum model. I could definitely see myself carrying one of those, after doing a couple simple mods to swap firmware and add a clip and maybe give it a floody wide-spectrum beam. Basically the same as my current EDC, only nicer-looking.

The square knurling pattern is a nice touch too. :slight_smile:

I also rather like steel (more than titanium, really) except for its weight. A steel D4 would probably feel like a brick.

butt with my knuckles wrapped around it, a SS D4 brick would probably pack a punch. :rage:

Sorry to break in, but has anyone heard anything about when MTN will have D4’s back in stock? Either Nichias or the XPs? Thanks…

Richard hasn’t been on here much lately, guess he is swamped. The Notify Me about product back in stock works. But that doesn’t give you a date.

Should be almost double the weight in that configuration of Ti and Cu. Pretty heavy!

neal has them onstock and ships to the US ;)

Just got the update that they’re in stock at MTN and just ordered. I’m good, thanks all.