TK's Emisar D4V2 review

Already done, revision 418 , dated 2019-05-22 :+1:

I was referring to

"[...] I’m still hoping to make a thermal simulator so I can make bigger changes to the temperature regulation code and hopefully rewrite the whole thing. I’m still not happy with it [...]

Has anyone tried taking D4v2 guts and putting them in a D4 v1 head? I want the blue body I’ve got, but I asked Hank and he has no current plans for the “cyan” color in D4v2.

I’m finally sold to a D4V2, the last box was ticked (raised switch ring), ordered!
Thanks Hank for listening to us who keep their EDC loose in the pocket.

Is there a way to configure the max ramp of muggle mode? I received one of the post bug D4v2s but this annoyance seems unrelated. My muggle mode ramps too high. The ceiling is probably about 500-700 lumens and causes my D4v2 to feel burning hot in my hand when used in the highest brightness in muggle mode. Below is a photo of the highest muggle mode ramp of my D18 (left) vs the highest muggle mode ramp of my D4v2 (right)

Thermal regulation settings affect muggle mode. Set the max temperature to a lower setting. Default is 45C. I've got mine set to 40C.

How to (with video):

I want the light to get hot during normal turbo usage. I don’t believe this is normal during muggle mode usage though.

A snippet from the Anduril manual says:

“Note: If the light steps down in muggle mode, it probably needs to have
the temperature sensor calibrated. Use thermal config mode to do this.”

This doesn’t sound like it would affect the muggle mode brightness in this way.

500-700 lumens is about the thermal equilibrium of the D4v2 so if you run Muggle mode at max for some minutes it will get plenty warm (probably around 45°C with factory settings and calibrated temperature sensor).

I thought muggle mode was supposed to be about 300 lumens though and no where near becoming burning to the touch.

Yes, the Anduril manual says 10-300 lumens but I can confirm Muggle ceiling is more like the 500-700 lumens you mentioned (I'm running anduril.2019-08-05.emisar-d4v2.hex).

There is also a newer firmware branch called "anduril.lower-muggle-ceiling.2019-01-15.emisar-d4.hex" (not yet available for the D4v2) that seems to address this judging by the name.

Yea, this was my doing :smiley:

TK pushed a set with the muggle ceiling set to “fully regulated” mode. Normally Muggle ceiling is “fully regulated” +20 steps into FET.

I still think muggle ceiling should be at fully regulated. Its plenty of light and ensures long runtime, if left on by mistake (my kids…) :wink:

I tend to agree (muggle ceiling @ fully regulated). Muggles are an easily scared bunch and the light should not get hot (> 40°C) in this mode.

Since I have both the Nichia version and non Nichia version of the D4V2, I just did some measurements on the Texas Ace Calibrated Lumens Tube:

Max muggle mode ramp:

XP-L Hi 6500K version: 467 lumens

Nichia 219c version: 294 lumens

So, sure enough, it's close to 500 lumens.

Out of curiosity, I then I flashed the XP-L version D4V2 with the Nichia firmware and I got: 373 lumens. Of course, using the Nichia firmware in the non Nichia light will also affect max turbo mode.

Additional info: Turbo mode with XP-L (6500K) D4V2:

3800 lumens at turn-on (with correct firmware version)

After flashing same light with Nichia firmware, measured 2,800 lumens at turn-on.

You have seriously degraded your XP-L D4V2! What a cad. You should apologize to it.

But . . . but . . . only 15 seconds to re-flash back again.

Has anyone else tried taking the retaining ring off the switch? I’m seriously considering getting a raised ring and swapping mine.

@Gunga Haven't tried it and don't want to (flat ring looks much better IMHO) ... but I would think running the light on turbo for a minute and then immediately trying to take the ring out should help a bit.

Unused D4V2 5000k XPL LED’s, unused SONY VTC5D and I got 5070 lumens @turn-on, but it stepped down immediately, when the voltage lowered a little (or temps rose?) I got around 5 seconds before it stepped down.

I got 4770 lumens with 2yo SONY VTC5A

Muggle mode measured 572 lumens.

I successfully remove it, but I damaged the switch rubber. I also asked Hank a few days ago if this ring could be bought but I still haven’t received the answer. A bit strange, because usually when I asked something, he wrote back quickly.

My flashing kit arrived yesterday and i’m happy to report my D4V2 is updated via the Android method.
I’m Happy to reflash anyones D4V2 for the cost of shipping to and from WI, USA, or if you live in the northern WI area, you’re more than welcome to bring it by for reflashing.