TK's Emisar D4V2 review

The brass head is left as it is and await natural patina to take place.

Hi everyone. I have a Emisar D4V2 that I think I might have broken, and was wondering if I’m missing something. FWIW, I’ve already bought a replacement from ( ’cause even if I can fix the first, two is always better :slight_smile: )

So, the problem started when I held the light about a foot underwater for about 30 seconds, looking for something I had dropped.
Later, I noticed that the emitters were making light even in ‘off’ mode. It looks like the low level of ‘candle’ mode. It persists
through a factory reset ( both unscrewing the tailcap and holding the button, as well as the 13h )

Is there anything I’m not thinking of? I stepped the light through the strobes loop, everything seems to work. Actually
everything seems OK, except the emitters making light in off mode.

Sounds like you might have a little bit of water ingress causing a small short. That could allow current to leak to the emitters while the light is off. Maybe try tossing the head into a bag of rice overnight and see if that improves things.

Any chance there will be a 18350 tube without the grooves for the clip but with the knurling of the 18350 tube?

I just received mine today and I have to say… what a beautiful flashlight. I have lights that cost a lot more than this (cough Imalent) that don’t have this build quality. So sleek with a 26350

Only issues I have are 1) mine didn’t come with a clip. I’ll have to email Hank to see if I can buy one and 2) man the UI is complicated! Stupid question: can you shine the light different colors or are they only for that background rainbow effect?

Not sure how you got a 26350 in there probbly typo.

1. I believe the clip is extra $2.50 option.
2. Read the manual here ANDURIL USER MANUAL & LIST OF LIGHTS
3. Shown in 2. You can select one of the colors, have it be rainbow, have it show battery level.

Hey thanks for the info. Still not sure I understand the color thing but I’ll read the menu

Not a typo on the battery. I’m using a 26350 that Hank recommended with the shorter tube

edit I’m a dummy. I got the Emisar D4SV2 which takes the 26350. Sorry about posting on the wrong thread

The colored LEDs are mainly to look cool and to help you find the light at night. As such, you can’t easily turn them on and off.

That said, you CAN turn off the default rainbow:

Auxiliary LEDs are controlled as follows:

  • From off: 7 fast clicks - this changes the brightness and blinking mode. Repeat the process to go to the next option.
  • From off: 7 fast clicks, but keep the button held down on the last click - this causes the aux LEDs to cycle through the various color options. Release the button to select. The mode with slow blinks is rainbow. Fast blinks is battery voltage monitor.

There is no standard clip for the D4S, because it’s too wide for a clip. It may be possible to find a suitable clip elsewhere, but I don’t know of any.

Awesome thanks!

I have been looking into headlamps/right angle lights recently and I was wondering, how difficult and feasible would it be to make a right angle adapter for the D4V2. It would obviously increase the length of the light a little bit but it could be setup so that the adapter went around the body of the light.

Are there any plans to make a right angle D4V2?

I was checking to see if my flashlights had the latest firmware and I noticed this: “anduril.2020-07-08.emisar-d4v2.5.hex”. How is this different than “anduril.2020-03-18.emisar-d4v2.hex”?

d4v2.5 is a version where amps are fully regulated and there is no FET to drive the current higher. Used for different led configurations.

It’s for the D4v2 with KR4 driver in it.

Which models have the no fet option?

KR1, all with E21A, maybe more.

Does the e21 version come with the frosted optic by default?

Yes. I believe it comes with the 10623.

That’s awesome. No coupon codes right? I figure I’d like to try e21 at 2700K.

No coupons. Hank’s prices are great all the time.