TK's Emisar D4V2 review

Yea I’m still gonna order a d4s in every sst 20 tint other than 4000k since it’s on the way.

Just have faith they say

It isn’t explained anywhere, but I emailed Hank and got an explanation. He uses trackable methods for people who pay the extra $2, but his site software doesn’t have any way to manage automatically. If you email him he will send you the tracking number.

I’ve been doing that since and he has been good about getting back to me with them.

Hank is running a one-man business and he gets very busy, but he has always gotten back to me within a few days.

—Bob Q

I’ve followed the instructions and tried emailing for my tracking number on two separate orders, and never got a response either time. I’ve never had a package fail to show up though, so from now on I don’t pay the extra $2 and instead just wait it out.

Pics please! :slight_smile:

My first picture attempt. D4 and FW3A with stainless washer attached. How do I post picture directly?

Just an update. I doubled up the washer on my D4 after one pocket activation. Still looks OK.

FM… :smiley:


:wink: :+1:

Do you have to have a imgur account to post pictures directly?

There are many image hosting websites that work with forums like BLF.

Nice job on those washers Pennzy. Looks really quite good. I might have to order some of those myself.

Yeah, just wondering if account set up is necessary or if it can be used to post pictures here without joining ?

Depends on the image hosting site.

Some don't require an account.

I don't know if Imgur requires one.

Thanks for the help and good run down on how to add pictures.

[quote] "Dear customers, our site is not advanced enough to send the tracking information automatically, please send us an email to to inquiry about the tracking number when your order is marked as "shipped". [/quote]

I requested and received the tracking number this evening:

I use Imgur, I don’t have an account.

Good to know.

Even if you do have an account, Imgur is totally free.

I started with 5000k, then to 4500k and 4000k, then into 4500k and 4000k HI CRI and now I’m into 2700k to 3000k HI CRI for night time use, which matches interior lighting.