TK's Emisar D4V2 review

Nice job on those washers Pennzy. Looks really quite good. I might have to order some of those myself.

Yeah, just wondering if account set up is necessary or if it can be used to post pictures here without joining ?

Depends on the image hosting site.

Some don't require an account.

I don't know if Imgur requires one.

Thanks for the help and good run down on how to add pictures.

[quote] "Dear customers, our site is not advanced enough to send the tracking information automatically, please send us an email to to inquiry about the tracking number when your order is marked as "shipped". [/quote]

I requested and received the tracking number this evening:

I use Imgur, I don’t have an account.

Good to know.

Even if you do have an account, Imgur is totally free.

I started with 5000k, then to 4500k and 4000k, then into 4500k and 4000k HI CRI and now I’m into 2700k to 3000k HI CRI for night time use, which matches interior lighting.

Mine arrived to the UK in a week. That’s a new record.

Love the build quality and the aux LED colours!


But wait a minute. It was said that the switch was unchanged, and all I do is looking at pictures (but that is a very BLF thing to base opinions on :smiley: ), but I think that I notice that the switch has changed, it seems to sit a bit deeper. Is this really so and does it matter as far as pocket activation is concerned?

Here’s a pic from TK’s review of the D4 last year and one of the pics of the D4V2 above:

Edit: looking at those pictures again, and I do not see that much difference after all, carry on :person_facepalming:

No, it protrudes from the head by 1-2mm.

Did you get the regular or the faster shipping? I’m also from the UK and I purchased one the day it became available, so I’m excited at the possibility that it might be arriving any time soon.

Regular I think! Ask Hank for tracking.

thanks for the pictures hcanning! will tide me over for a while.

Yeah thanks for the pictures. Here’s hoping mine will be delivered soon too!

Edit: Mine just arrived!

I’ll try to make some time to get my video equipment set up tonight.

Edit: Here’s a quick video of the Aux that I posted on Reddit. Not great quality, but I was excited okay?

I got a laugh out of “not great quality.”

There’s no camera shake, it’s reasonably exposed, reasonably color balanced, and it’s reasonably framed.

If even 5% of what gets posted online were that good, it would be a massive improvement over the status quo.

Thanks for taking the time to make that clip.

quick video? As in 3 seconds? Just a teaser, looking forward to you doing MORE. Thank you!

It’s supposed to loop. :smiley:

I’ll set up my proper camera and try to get something YouTube worthy.