TK's Emisar D4V2 review

I have the impression the large MCPCB helps with heat storage, no?

That might be why it handles a bit more heat.

I hope the wait for the D4s-v2 is next and D1S-V2 too

Hank told me the sst20’s have been different batches since they use a lot so YMMV

Thanks for the review @Toykeeper!

I’ve got a ZL SC600, so sea-foam green is my color!

Bring it.


Can anyone tell me why would anyone choose the xplhi version if the sst20 version is just as bright and have more throw.
Is it the tint? Less heat? Or…

Why choose XPL HI over SST20?

XPL HI features:

  • brighter: 4300 lumens for XPL HI compared to 4100 lumens for SST20. And the gap widens dramatically if you compare the high-CRI SST20 since those only do 3000 lumens.
  • runs cooler: XPL HI doesn’t generate as much heat, so you can run it longer at higher power settings before it ramps down.
  • much better tint: XPL HI tends to have great tint even at lower power settings. Most SST20 tends to turn puke-green at anything less than max turbo.

SST-20 aren’t bad, but having tried them in various lights I still consider XPL HI to be the “gold standard” emitter for small triples and quads.

Most clever!

green is nice :heart_eyes:

Such a gorgeous light, but it’s the only one that’s ever made me actually angry to use. What in the world were they thinking with that switch?

Re: SST-20 vs XP-L HI - I was (un)fortunate(?) enough to have the latest iteration of D4 V1 arrive today, ahead of my D4 V2 which only got leaked a few days after my order had shipped.

My first D4 was an XP-L HI 3A 5000K. It has a very clean white but ever so slightly rosy tint at all output levels. Really nice.

My newest D4 is an SST-20 6500K, because I wanted to get the most powerful (throwy) version with a short tube to use as a showoff keychain light. In comparison to the XP-L HI one, I was very surprised to see just how much the tint changes over different output levels. At regulated and below it’s quite green, but when you start pushing in to hybrid drive, it gets very purple very quickly. I have also noticed that it tends to have more green/purple in the corona and is a bit whiter in the hot spot, unlike the XP-L HI which is consistent across the beam. I don’t actually mind the SST-20 when it starts to go a bit purple, but a lot of my usage is at the regulated level and I don’t like how green it looks at that point.

Another thing I was surprised about - when both D4s were running a fully charged 30Q, the SST-20 6500K got noticably hotter than the XP-L HI in a short space of time. I haven’t had chance to go out at night and compare the throw of both yet.

XP-L HI is more expensive, but I’m still happy to pay the premium. Really glad I played it safe and selected a 5D for my V2.

Exactly why I chose XPL Hi. I was also quite impressed with the Neutral White - XP-G2 S4 5D, 4000K - this had more rose than even the XPL Hi 4000k. I have 2 and they have the best tint of all offerings. Had way too many D4s come through my hands. :slight_smile:

In my experience:

  • Mechanical tail switches: 0 accidental pocket activations
    • Jaxman E2L, Convoy S2+ (rubber boot switch and the metal switches), Eagtac D25C, Jaxman M8, etc.
  • Klarus Mini One TI: Twisty, so no.
  • Jetbeam RRT-01: I've actually found this twisted past the detente a couple times. No actual light output, but more prone to further adjustment (at high it would probably be bad) and if I didn't notice it would run itself dead a lot quicker than expected.
  • Nitecore EC23: Literally every time I've clipped it into a pocket.
  • Zebralight SC62: Actually never. Not even one single accidental activation.
  • FW3A: At least once a day during the first week, and several times per week afterwards but not quite daily
    • It always happens when I'm clipping it to the pocket. There's a combination of switch is easy to press, switch isn't recessed, and not enough bezel around the switch on the tail, where it's hard for me to push down on the tail without activating.
  • Olight S1: Like twice in the first week, but then I changed the pocket clip / button alignment as well as where exactly I carry it, and I haven't had issues. I don't trust it 100% yet, but it has a protected cell and low output so there at least isn't danger, just a risk of running it dead and then needing it.
  • Emisar D4: The first day, the first time I clipped it into a pocket. Fortunately it didn't come on at a high mode, but I haven't carried it without locking it out since.

Nice. I'd probably set mine to 60°C, but it probably wouldn't buy me much more sustainable output.

That’s very good though! The light managed to hold more lumens steadily than I thought, for being such a small host.

Damn, ~800lm? That’s way higher than I expected, even if it’s a bit hot. I was guessing somewhere more along the lines of 300lm max sustainable.

I just ordered mine yesterday, SST-20 4000K. Now I'm wondering if I shouldn't have gone with the 219C. My EDC at the moment are FW3A XP-L HI 3D that I'm very pleased with and a Rovyvon A8 (UV) 219C that is just awesome. I decided on the SST-20 as I wanted something different. Now seeing all the comments about the SST having Green/Purple issues I'm wondering if I shouldn't have gone with the Nichia instead. Do you suppose I could email them back and get my order changed? Are they that responsive? Am I worried about a non-issue?


I would take his advice “Really glad I played it safe and selected a 5D for my V2.” Definitely contact them since they are not shipping yet.

Yes, you could probably get your preorder changed if you send an email right now.

You could add a minus green filter, swap emitters, or sell/gift the flashlight if you don’t like the tint.

Thank you ToyKeeper for your impeccable work both with the build and the review.

I ordered one in Sand, with SS bezel and 18500 tube equipped with 5000K Nichia 219C emitters. I will more than likely swap in Samsung LH351D W6 5000K within an hour of arrival, we’ll see. A lot of dependant variables around here lately…

Appreciate all the info and hard work, very much so. Hat’s off to the both of ya on a job well done. :wink: