TLF/BLF/Lumintop FW3A review (18650, 3x XP-L HI cool white)

TK's response:

Well, that… and the only reason proto4 had any battery length issues was because of the driver being in the wrong place. Button tops shouldn’t be an issue on the real thing, if Lumintop can fix the other issue.

1 please. XPL HI.

This is a review only.

For the love of all things bright and shiny, please put me on the list for this little gem.

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Does it make a click when you press the tailcap?

Yes, but half as loud as a normal clicky

Just out of curiousity I tested all ten different lights within reach: Not one is silent, all make a click sound.

I’d say it’s a bit quieter than a S2+ mechanical switch. Depends on how you hold the light and how evenly you press the switch. I like however, that no matter where you press it, it always activates. Pressing it at the very edge with a tip of a finger makes it quite silent.

For real silent you need a rrt01. Although my s mini is quite silent also.

That’s a pretty nice review. I guess a lot has changed since this light was conceptualised.

How does it compare with the D4 (since it’s more it’s size)?

I have an Olight S1 mini Baton:

- Normal pressed the FW3A is louder

  • Pressed on the side the FW3A is quieter.

One, please, XPLHI.

Does the FW3A use a coated glass lens?

And what is the diameter of the lens?

Very nice review. Thank you for the information and feedback.

I don’t think anyone is interested in using protected cells. What I am pointing out is the desirability of accomodating unprotected button-top cells, and that’s not going to add a few mm. 66 mm is just borderline, and it shouldn’t be that way.

For example, I’ve bought four 18650 Emisar lights and a Q8. Button-top high-drain unprotected cells were recommended for these lights, so I ordered them simultaneously. I also took advantage of a sale or two to get spares, and now I have accumulated quite a collection. And they also work in EVERY other one of my (too-vast) collection of 18650 flashlights and headlamps. Until now.

It doesn’t make much sense that the FW3A designers, to save maybe 1% in overall length, would deliberately abandon the versatility of using BOTH standard configurations of unprotected cells. It seems this was just a terrible oversight that, despite some discussion, has literally fallen through the cracks.

As it is, until I purchase special cells to accommodate this ONE light, the only thing I have on hand that will fit may be laptop pulls.

But it hasn’t always been “too late”. How long has this thing been in the works? I’m a fairly new poster on here, and I only became aware of this project several months ago, but I’ve been questioning the potential battery-fit issue since I first read about it. Surely others noticed sometime in the past two years? Somehow we’ve just decided to accept an “afterthought” mechanical design because the rest is cool.

Yes, I’m planning to buy one, but I’ll always think about how the versatility is crippled for lack of a millimeter.

If accommodating button-tops would suddenly make flat-tops lose contact, I’d expect problems with my Emisars, Nitecores, and Zebralights. But these digest both configurations without a hitch. Probably the only thing needed for the FW3A would be to lengthen the springs as well as the tubes. Just copy the Emisar’s battery-compartment dimensions.

I tried a cell 66.8 mm long in my production sample, and it worked fine.

@ funkychateau…. You do realize the FW3A is selling now don’t you? It is to late for should-a, wood-a, could-a…. it is done & “it is fit”. :wink:

There are plenty of batteries that will fit this light & it is in no way, as you mentioned; “crippled” if some batteries don’t fit.

There are many lights that not all cells will fit. The Fireflies E07 is but one example. Just because every cell will not fit every light does not necessarily make a light ‘bad’.

Wrong thread hatman. Go here: FW3A, a TLF/BLF EDC flashlight - SST-20 available, coupon codes public

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