Tmart friend code for 15% off

Yep. You can lead a horse to water, but ….

What do you mean Attittude, avoid label?
Avoid tmart? Or avoid the hd2010 tri XML ?

I think I picked a decent light, nice floody and I only use high mode on dropin style lights like this sparringly so it should work great for my needs :slight_smile:

I have purchased several lights from Tmart and have nothing but great service and very fast shipping.

Tmart are experts at bait and switch. I have never been sent the actual product I ordered. We are finished.

+1…I receive items within a few days usually

Good to know, thanks rikr

I found the thread about tmart

Seems like there are occasional screwups on orders, nothing concrete

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Discount: 15% OFF
Coupon Code: 62701ec7e5
Expire Date: 07/25/2012

hey thats weird i only got a 10% coupon :frowning: guess the more u spent the more u save.

my one and only experience with them was great. hd2010 in 6 days total to hawaii. flawless condition with decent enough packaging. thumbs up so far. from what i remember some of their website info was off though

no problem…one thing that I sure like is when I order a light from Tmart and have it in 5 days, not 2 months

I bought from T-Mart at least 3 times and my stuff arrived within a few days without any problem. They are in east coast and I am in west coast. Will definitely buy from them again.

Dear stevetexas,

Sorry for the inconveneince we caused .
Would you please tell us your order number in your comments, so that I can handle it for your as soon as possible .And I will guarantee your rights and interests that you will be compensated fairly.
Please feel free to contact me .

Tmart is the Fastest, DX is the slowest - By Far

Both are honorable

Thanks CarpentryHero, I got a coupon code by email too,

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Discount: 15% OFF
Coupon Code: e76b92949b
Expire Date: 07/25/2012

But it doesn’t work for me.

I just ordered a Cree XML T6 light and a few more cells.

My first experience, just 2 weeks ago, with Tmart I ordered a 5 mode flashlight and received a 3 mode. I had to wait for the batteries to arrive 4 days ago and charge before I discovered this. Yes I am disappointed.

Dear Davis,

Sorry for the inconvenience we caused .
For this issue,would you please offer me your order number ?
So that I can check it for you and then we will offer you the best resolution .
Thanks for your support and patience in advance.
If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards,

It was order number 21546438


Here is my share and save coupon for y’all, well 5 of you anyway :slight_smile:

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Discount: 15% OFF
Coupon Code: cd3f6f8137
Expire Date: 07/25/2012

Mine is only 10% so thanks for sharing!

I’ve been working with Sherry from TMart to get the flashlight squared away. Sherry initiated all this prior to me having to take any action after observing what was posted on the board here. I had to send email with pictures, etc. as the 3 mode and 5 mode apparently look identical in appearance. TMart emailed a prepaid mailing label to send it back to NJ. They got it and the 5 mode is being sent from the HK location so it’s going to be a while until it arrives. Hopefully it will be the right one and all will be well.

My first triple XML light, and I can’t wait till night time. Thanks Tmart :smiley:

Is it a floating pill design?