Tmart Group Buy - Closed

Youre right about the no name one, Tangsfire still works though…

And i wonder if by testing it, we still clock up a unit toward some GB limit. I understand it doesnt leave stock until you complete, that does no mean any limit on a GB is counted the same way… maybe I shouldnt do that… and I see youve since got the TF one.

I got no other choice. :frowning:

Anyway $21.99 for an HD-2010 is still a great buy especially for my first HD-2010. :bigsmile:

1 Tansfire on the way. Like so many others, simply couldn’t resist. :slight_smile: (having that extra copper pill from Ryan sitting around doing nothing might have had an influence, or it could be the FET driver boards and bag of electronics… either way)

Appreciate the work you’ve done on these, comparing the different models, making the video’s, you’ve put in some serious legwork here and it’s greatly appreciated. Nicely done!

Show me? Do I want one? Im looking for the driver i saw that said something about being more efficient, no PWM I think? 100% of .5amp is more efficient than 50% of 1 amp? Something like that anyway.

The biggest problem is dealing with overseas and the language barrier. Tmart wanted to limit the sale to 50 lights. I told them if they did that, they could just skip the sale all together. They said ok, but now it seems there is a limit, which means some will not get lights. Very aggravating to you and to me. It's just unbelievable to me that they just don't get it.

Oh, we want to do a group buy. Ok, how about this light? Ok, but we only got xx pieces, so we limit the group buy. Great, why not just put the dammed thing on sale in your website and stop wasting my time.

Oh well, life goes on.

LED4Power’s new driver, to be found here LED4Power

the FET is basically direct drive on high. I’ve seen 6.6A from a single cell to an XM-L2 and 10.83A using 2 cells to an MT-G2. :slight_smile:

I think we have to realize that our Group buy code was probably listed on other sites as people like to share good deals on the net, so we really have no idea how many they sold.
I am just glad they agreed to do it and offered a great deal on a great light.

Try to get someone like Home Depot to do this on any item, ain’t gonna happen.

Also, on FastTech yesterday they released the new Sony TC5 high amp 18650’s
and they sold out in hours. Probably scammers buying them to resell on Epay in the states for a handsome profit. Sad but true.

Anyway, thanks again OL for all you do.

Quote Muto:

"I think we have to realize that our Group buy code was probably listed on other sites as people like to share good deals on the net"

If that is true, is it possible to have our Group Buy Codes sent to our PM boxes to avoid this in future group buys?

Thems the breaks OL. Thanks for organising this anyway. As we all know we are still the pawns here. I said I was not going to get one but thought hang the expense but when the conversion was made to Australian dollars there was just a hint of gouging going on. Nearly 20%. 10% I could wear.

They’re both gone LOL.

Wow that sucks, came to order one just now, made an account, let them add me to their junks mailing list… That’s to bad, even tho $33 isn’t bad for what you get i won’t be purchasing from them for how they handled this, I’m sure there will be atleast a few of these for sale here within a month or so, my money can go to a member here.

Both models were available when you posted this, you just had to choose which one you like more and hit pay button…

Looks like all the stock is gone, or at least the coupons ran out. Had to have been over a hundred lights to get to that point. At least from what I understood. I will find out how many sold and see if there's any chance of any more.

I only went with the Tangsfire because Justin said it was handsdown the better of the 3 he looked at. :wink:

Oh, wait, maybe I did that because I figured to change the T to a B and the r to an n? Heck, I don’t know, it was the first one. I might have to sand it all down and polish it just to get rid of all the text. Then engrave it with O-L BLF Edition.

BoLF Edition :bigsmile:

Thanks for setting this all up OL.

Tks OL! got one before they expired.

It was fast to run out (and I didn’t know it DOES run out!), I was busy yesterday and didn’t manage to order one. At $32 they don’t get my business yet. Thanks OL for organizing this and I am looking forward to other awesome group buy in the future.

I missed out on this GB as I waited for the coupon expiry reply from the seller. I’m un-subscribing to this sellers emal list as I’ve bought other non-flashlight items already.

I got in on the other Gb’s though.

Thanks for organizing O-L.

Got one of each, for those who didn’t get one, they run these on sale about once a month for about $2 to $3 more than the group buy price. You can’t wait until everyone gets theirs and confirms they are good before ordering yours. no group buy lasts that long. O-L did the comparison before the group buy started, don’t understand you waiting, doesn’t make sense.