Tmart's XML new version?

I bought some 502s from tmart, which had this led and not xml.
Unfortunatelly, paypal asked me to return items and cover shipping cost. I had to pay almost the same amount of money their buy costed.
The thread here with the same case opened from another member has beed deleted.
This is annoying.

Looks like the led that appears in numerous SRK clones recently. I tested it last week, it has about XP-E2 output but with a bigger die. In other words: poor performer but not really junk.

XP-L Hi, and would-be-XP-L featuring in recent SRK-clones, two emitter tests (the second led tested in this post)

Im sorry to hear about this. It looks like the black plague of chinese false advertising continues its shameless path. Can you please add this info to the Rating: thread?