It is out of stock from November , it appeared only as an item in the list , but link was inactive .

Ordered one , 4th of October , it now has a dedomed xp-g2 and a fet driver for some ~160kcd .

I was lucky and just got two delivered to me last week. I had recently emailed Mtn Electronics to see when they’d get more in stock, only to be told that they were discontinued. However, Richard later emailed me to let me know that they had found a couple in inventory that weren’t listed on the website, and so I bought them. V5, 3-mode, XM-L2, U2-3C. Nice lights!

That’s terrible…very nice…quality host.

Any reason why Hank stop selling these C8s?

Probably has to do with the number being sold.

IOS always seems to have very limited product variations, this is not to say that their products aren’t good - In fact I love IOS stuffs, but it’s just that I wonder why Hank just doesn’t want to make more interesting flashlights, not only that he even discontinue the pretty good XinTD C8.

I have ordered 3 of these in the past and tried to order one mid April to replace one my Dad lost. It was listed on the website, but wouldn’t let me order it. I emailed to see if it was a website issue. I got the following response:

Please be advised that the XinTD C8 is discontinued.
We are working on a successor which will be available in
about 1.5 month time.

I checked this morning and there seems to be no successor yet. I’m hoping it will come soon. It is the perfect starter light in my opinion. Powerful, small, and cheap.

Hes got a quad edc that does 3000 lumens that’s coming out real soon. Then a 7 emitter light after that. Then another light with not much info yet. Pretty interesting to me :smiley:

I didn’t know about any of these since nothing really has been disclosed to the public yet, but now this is interesting indeed.
But why do we need a quad nowadays? An XHP70 is literally a ‘quad’ XM-L2 already and it is relatively easy to be installed.

Starting from post #206: New 4XP Noctigon MCPCB for quad optic
Quad? Well, because of quad Nichia? :smiling_imp:

Ahh that can explain it lol.

XHP70 is less efficient:
(efficiency vs power)

I guess the ability to use a linear driver was a motivation too.


+1, and with four smaller leds opposed to one big led you can use smaller reflectors for comparable beam; the light will be shorter in length.

Never stumble across that graph before, but good to know it. :slight_smile:
I guess the XHP-70.2 being slightly less efficient is because the four-die are sitting very closely to each other and make the heat dissipation less optimum?

And you are right about the 17mm linear driver.

LedCalc - LEDs comparison lets you generate graphs like this.
I don’t think the reason is heat as the difference is largest at low currents.