LOL this is what happens when you post before looking…

How come you didn’t notice/came across about luminus sst70 thread here on BLF… :kiss:


ROFL Nevermind I just saw it… :open_mouth:


so difficult to click on the “.” to get here…

That’s the point… :laughing: :beer:

The point… :laughing: :beer:

… _ / ._ /. _…

U use Morse coding?

Pretty much looks like: “a show about nothing”.

Unless you are capable of reading between the lines.

I get the point!


:smiley: :beer:

Normal people walk around with big dogs. They look normal. I walk around with big flashlights. My flashlights have bitten less people then Teds' dog.

tickety… tickety… BOO!

The Famous Five and the Invisible Thread Title!


Uh-oh. It’s that time of the month…