Triple XHP 70 using the LUM 5-90 reflectors and a huge head - 05/06/15 Finished- with beam shots.

Looks like and awesome project.

What model of sander is that, I know it is Harbor freight but what model #?
Been wanting one of them.
Keith I used a 20% off coupon. It’s not as nice as the Grizzly sander I used to have, but it’s ok for small projects and part time use.

More photos in the OP. The aluminum order came in today.

This is really something else! Can’t wait to see the outcome. …

Sweet… can’t wait for the beamshots :heart_eyes:
btw… where can I get that 20% coupon for the sander?

Google search for Harbor Freight coupon or Harbor Freight 20% coupon. Then print it out and take it with you. Good for one item. You can use it online too. Good till the end of April I believe.

The glued reflectors look fantastic, if there are any flaws in the boundaries it’s very hard to make them out in the photo. Looks spot on to me! Great work!

I’m not worthy

All hail Venerable OL

Wow amazing! looks like it will be one heavy sucker.

Any reason why you wanted a square body?

Not that I expect you to use the ideas … but…

Did I hear you say you do this for the challange?…

  1. instead of one big lens how about three “std” sized lenses and then build an open air design to help lighten and keep the head cool?
  1. this thing is going to be a monster and no lightweight, how about instead of a plunger/can style go for more of a railroad lantern/ “peacepipe” shape. use the square stock vertically and mount the head far enough up from the bottom that you can simply set it down on the end of the square stock and have the head still clear the ground.

Then all you need to do is make a comfy handle on the other end and you can let it swing while you walk(if it’s not to heavy to swing :wink: .

This way it’s no effort to hold it horizontially just let the weight hang.

an unsolicited .02 worth

I call dibs on this Monster!

I am off to clear off a spot on the shelf!

You forgot the belt clip - it won’t make the grade as an EDC without a belt clip :stuck_out_tongue:

great work!

That thing is going to need a limber for the cells.

+1 Old Lumens, member of the year!! :slight_smile:
Looking for a shop hand? :bigsmile:
Thank you so much for taking the time to share this with us. I sincerely appreciate it. Thank you for being here!!!

Love it Justin, brilliant idea.

Ric, I’ll armwrestle you for dibs! :stuck_out_tongue: This one’s already got me wanting it for some reason, lol.

Just to be different.

With a single lens, I can keep dirt and water out from around the reflectors,leds and such. Besides, I think a 7" round piece of glass will be challenge enough. I thought about doing something shorty style like that, but the head is so massive, I thought it looked too strange. This will probably weigh in at around 8 pounds or so. I think it will be too heavy for carry. I plan on a possible set of short legs, so it can sit facing straight ahead.

Putting your .02 worth is part of the forum. It may also give others ideas too.

It's already spoken for, as are most of the lights I do now. With the uncertain employment future and limited income, I have been making lights already destined for others, so that I don't have much in the way of out of pocket expenses. It lets me continue and lets the owner have more of a say in the direction. Hell, just the components, batteries and tools to do this one light, it's going to be in the hundreds and that's way beyond my personal budget.

By the end of next week I will finally know if I have employment for a couple of years, or unemployment, so the waiting without knowing is finally going to come to an end. About time...

Just thinking out aloud. How would clear Perspex go? You could cut that with a jigsaw. Yes your right it would not be as scratch resistant.