TrustFire 26650 5000mAh - Good and bad. (and KeepPower and Vappower)

Not everything I buy is bad, and I have to mention the only xxxxFire battery that held it words, but only at one seller. TrustFire 5000mAh protected PCB. The Ebay seller: tomtop.wholesaler is really selling the real deal. The last 30 days, I have purchased twice from him, total 6 batteries, and they have all 5000+ mAh. The best one had 5500mAh.

I have used Opus BT-C3100 v2.2 and LiitoKala Lii500 for my tests. Opus seems to give little better result on thees batteries (26550).

But be aware, many other stores and sellers have the same battery, the same wrapping, the same price, the same rating, the same protection etc etc, but I have got batteries from other stores/sellers with just 50% or less real capacity, tested on the same chargers.

So if you want to buy a TrustFire 5000mAh protected 26650 battery, buy from the ebay seller I mention. He has the good stuff.
Later on I will maybe mention the stores/sellers that have the same battery, but with only 50% or less capacity.

Also got KeepPower 5200mAh 26650 batteries from today, and they had 100% capacity. And I got Vappower 5200mAh from Banggood today, and they also have 100% capacity. The last two brands/types is unprotected.

Shill potential ignored, this is potentially good. What amperage was the Opus set to discharge? Granted, the Opus can only do 2A but it would still show the quality of the protection circuit if its still 5000mAh @ 2A.

The same battery and the same seller is mentioned in this thread:

I don’t think he’s a shill, seen lots of other posts, but I dunno.

I wonder about the Trustfires from GB? The Keeppower 5200mAh 2-pack is sold out, and I don’t want to pay the single price for two.

Ken is not a shill but he's had a lot of bad luck with fakes and dodgy products going by his other threads.

I suspect he is finally happy to be able to report on something positive and wants to share.

(I still wouldn't chance any XXXXfires myself but YMMV)

I’ve bought trustfire 26650 from gearbest, and they had ~3000 mah when I tested them @1A on my opus.

Yes, since some other said it first. The TrustFire 26650 5000mAh protected cells from Gearbest, has no more then 50% or less real capacity.
So yet a product they have had no quality control over.

I think i got a partial refund of half the price, so it ended up being a so-so deal instead of a bad one in the end.


OscarM here speculated that you might be the reviewer of Samsung 30Q over at

Could you confirm it?

Did you delete GB post?

1. I’m the reviewer on that battery yes. But its only based on one battery, since GB forgot to send me the three others I paid for. But they are there way now.

2. I did not delete the GB post. Its there still.

  1. You ordered 4 and got only 1. If I order 2, then I may not get any.
  2. If not deleted, then I will come across.

Did you cite your getting only 1 in your “disclosure” of GB and if so, do you have the link handy?

Try and see,

2) I have not told anybody about just getting one battery, I opened a ticket, and they fast saw that there was missing three, from the weight on the package. So they resend new ones. So no reason to put that in a thread,
I don’t understand what you mean with the “link handy”?

I found the thread. And I missed “they are there way now” part in your previous post. Cool.

I also got 4 TrustFire 26650 5000mAh from Ebay seller: nativsh and they was all good, 5000mAh+ on all of them.

So it’s just GB that have sold me bad batteries TrustFire 26650 5000mAh with 50% capacity so far.