Trustfire 3T6 or JR-18 Colour

I send a mail to Trustfire asking about the lamp. Colleague of mine brought his voltmeter and now we know: the tailcap os working, it’s the head that doesn’t work any more.
I’ll send it back.

Question is: Do I order one from Fasttech? Back at square one…

Photos of the head/pill and driver would help alot.

Good idea about contacting Trustfire. Without their help, I don't think you will be able to prove it's fake. It sounds fake as the orginal ones had a green driver with "TF" stamped on the back. It could operate on 1, 2, or 3 cells. But I'm not aware of any official word on how to identify a fake. Personally, I wouldn't get too caught up on if it's fake or not if you can get it working fine.

Did your friend have the "Volt Meter" set to the Current Measurement setting? Not sure if it would work if he didn't. An easier test would be to just use a paper clip or screw driver to contact the back of the battery to an non-anodized part of the tail.

The switch issue with the cap too tight is a common problem with many lights. If too tight, the cells push the switch away from the retaining ring which is generally the electrical contact point for the switch. Some times snugging down the retaining ring that is in the tailcap helps. Sometimes you need to put a solder blob on the contact ring that goes around the switch to make it "thicker" and more able to keep contact with the retaining ring. I have this issue with a lot of my Trustfire lights. On some, I just not over tighten the cap because I haven't had the time to try to fix them yet.

Best wishes. Please keep up posted on what Trustfire says and on your progress with the light. It's probably just an electrical contact issue (lots of potential failure points for that in most lights) that will be easy to fix.

So, some pictures:

I just packed the thing up yesterday and will send it away today.

Thought about ordering the 3t6 with stainless steel bezel from fasttech but it’s 34 $ plus 19% taxes in germany… I could get a j12 from ebay for the same price (but is it genuine, then?)…
But it’s more expensive than the 3t6 but also seems a lot bigger. The 3t6 was ideal imo because it was still not too heavy, something I can really take along for a walk.
The J12 seems more like something I would like to bathe my garden in light with but will end up leaving at home most of the time. And I think the J12 might be too bright in high - so most of the time perhaps in mid or low mode with PWM… The 3T6 might be more practical…. But I’m not sure…

I just can’t decide…

Huge 3t6 thread here Review TrustFire TR-3T6 Triple XM-L T6 5-Modes Memory LED Flashlight (3x18650)

I read the thread and ordered a 3t6 from fasttech. … xD

So, the torch is here …

Nice quality, Trustfire-sticker one the reflector and a Trustfire-QC-card. Seems like the real deal! :slight_smile:

Took it out for a walk and I’m really impressed. Cold-white but not bluish colour. It’s floody with a nice beam that’s still strong enough to lighten up trees further away.
Perfect for working in the garden or a walk in the dark of night through our forrests outside of town.

(yea, I know, oring stands out… saw it after I took the pic and corrected it the next day… :zipper_mouth_face: )

Resistor mod. Now. Do it.


Never modded a flashlight before …
… still, I’m tempted but I also am really afraid of destroying my shiny new torch.

Perhaps in a year or so? :bigsmile:

Yeah, that's the real deal there. Looks every bit like the original. Didn't know you could still get those. Congrats CommanderBrot :)