Trustfire A8 "Clone" spotted at DX

How much you wanna bet they're identical? :)


hmmm… remember what happen with Aurora / Ultrafire. They seem identical but then one have bad threads, etc

Got this light today. Will be sure to let you guys know what I think about it tonight.hope its in the same league as the a8

Great! Anxious to hear some thoughts in comparison to the BLF A8. Nearly identical build quality? Vastly different?


I don't know, won't be able to comment on it until I get home. My fiance just sent me a pic of it. Looks nice in the pic though lol

well, good and bad. for most of us the bad is minor.

the good:

the light pulls 2.8a on high. the machining feels as good as the blf a8. i like the isolation disk on this f15 more.

the not so good:

next mode memory. slight blemishes on the finish around the scalloping on the tail cap.

i still need to do a tear down, review and comparison. so stay tuned. will most likely be this weekend

Thanks Pulsar. Looking forward to the full review. I'm really learning to hate "next mode memory"!


This is actually my first with next mode memory. It's useless. They should have just done no memory.

There are some interesting things to note comparing the a8 and f15... But I will leave those for later

How do performs the F15 with 3xAAA???

Any idea???

with alkaleaks, not too impressive... around 1a on high. still have not been able to track down two more of my nimhs


Can you “guess” how many lumens does it produces with just 3xAAA (no matter if alkaline or nimh)

Around 100 lumen?

by that graph, at 1a, it will have about 400l, so i would guess after driver inefficiencies, lens/reflector losses, maybe right around 300l on alkaleaks?

i dont have anyway to measure lumens, just lux

edit: im pretty sure it will do better on nimhs

Like I did with my F13, I would go with 4xAAA's with a 4AAA carrier. My F13 was twice as bright with it!



Still need to remember to put one of those in my cart for my next order... It's been 4 orders since we talked about that and I totally forgot about it.

i had found the other three nimh AAAs! they were in a pillow pet night light thingy majigger. got um on the charger ill report back later

Well how are you going to survive without the pillow pet working? :)


i bought myself a cool multi colored LED light bulb for a night light

nah, but i did buy one for the kids room a while ago. i was pretty excited to see my sons reaction when he saw that his night light had a remote to change colors and would randomly change too... he said "i didnt want that i wanted a such and such"

kids can be so ungrateful. like $50 for a stupid night light and the lamp for it

has anyone used the 4xAA carriers?

^ Awesome. Finally, some 4AA carriers. Ordered some. Thank you for asking about them hank!