Trustfire TR-3T6 mode issues


I’m new to this forum and wondered if anyone could help me. I bought a Trustfire TR-3T6 off ebay it works fine in the sense of either on or off. It’s a while since i bought it so not under guarrantee any longer.

It is meant to be 5 modes not just one! Does anyone know which part I need to order from trustfire to make it 5 modes I don’t know if its circuitry in the head of the torch or if its in the switch end.

Any advice is greatly appreciated as I have e-mailed Trustfire but had no response.

Thanks in advance


You will have to replace the driver.

Can you solder?


Yes I can solder, Is the driver directly behind the led’s in the reflector?

It is behind the led’s but not directly.

It is the part with the spring on the other side of the head.

Can you measure its diameter? 20mm drivers are not as plentiful as 17mm drivers.

Yes it looks to be 20mm although not a clue how its removed

Also the driver is 12v input (3 cells in series)
and i don’t know if the led’s are in series or in parallel, i don’t have this flashlight. (i’ll try and look it up)

There are no cheap drivers (<$10) with these specs as far as i know.
So it might be better (more cost efficient) to just leave this one mode and get a second cheap light with the modes you want.

Ok many thanks for that I will have a play with it see if the driver will come out and a search on the net

The second photo shows the driver soldered to the pill.

Brill thank you at least i know what i’m doing now time to fire the soldering iron up and look for a driver

Thanks John

The led’s are most likely in parallel, it wouldn’ t be easy/cheap to drive them in series with only 2 cells.

This probably works, though don’t take my word i don’t know a lot about drivers, confirm with seller or someone else it works.