UC 15 vs nitecore TUP

hi everyone,its my first question here and i will be very thankful if get an answer.
i want a keychain light(maybe a little larger than usual keychain) ,between those 2 lights which one is better? or is there anything brighter in this size?

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I don’t have either of those lights you mention but do know some threads about small lights that might interest you



I have the UC 15 and really like it. Well summed up by Adhara. Acebeam is a high quality light. It is so bright that you will need to keep the 10440s topped off to get the full benefit.
The red will light a room.
Sorry but can’t comment on the TUP.

Forget to mention that if you go with AceBeam, maken sure it is a current version with a full lockout.

I have the UC15 as well. It is nice, runs fine on 10440s or NiMH. And YES the red is very bright!

Who has the cheapest price now for the UC15?

I think around $50 is the lowest I have seen. As I mentioned above, you need to be sure you are getting the current version. It has lockout and 5 modes (very low, low, med, high and turbo).

Do you have a link Venice for the $50.00 price? The UC15 has always peaked my interest plus I have a bunch of spare 10440’s. Thanks for the tip on the current version.

Not good posting links but Google will bring up several. Got mine at FastTech. I know they have the newest.
Sent you a PM.

Thanks for all the info gents!

i think the Angel Eyes E300S is new winner and most bright “keychain” flashlight today. isn’t it?

I would love to see that light on any Keychain at all?
The 300 is pretty much way out of Keychain territory in my experience.

I’ve had and reviewed both on my site, but I’d recommend neither - the Nitecore TIP2 is what lives on my keys, though I did swap the LEDs. If you’re set on those two, the TUP has a nicer beam shape and UI, but no high CRI option and it’s chunky.

tnx, what about this Angel Eyes E300S?

I don’t have one, but it also looks far to large for my keychain. YMMV.

The RovyVon E300s is quite big for a keychain light!
See the comparison between the E300s and its siblings Aurora A2 and A5R, “true” keychain lights:

For more information, see the thread:

A nice alternative can be the new RovyVon A23 (XP-L [6500K-7000K] / Nichia Version [4500K-5000K], 1000 lumens [probably less on the Nichia), 600mAh, USB rechargeable): https://www.rovyvon.com/products/a23?variant=29510580273255

I'm gifting a Rovyvon to a muggle this week. Strange UI, but he doesn't know better and will be amazed anyway

I didn't realize the UC15 could run on 10440s. Or rather, seems designed to. I just saw "2xAAA" and stopped reading... Will have to reconsider it.

Hum, which one will you give? The ones with side lights have a more strange operation. The others, have stranger UI (L-M-H-Strobe).
My favourite till this day is the A8U!

The A1. It seemed to have L-H-M-Strobe when I tried it briefly (took it out to pre-charge it for the recipient).