UK manufacturer or retailer for 18650 torch

Hello all, does anyone know of any UK manufacture or good and reliable retailer of 18650 single cell torches? I am after something better than the £5 ones from eBay or DX but don’t know where to look! I am worried unless I start paying £50+ I will be getting the same torches just paying much more for them. Thanks.

Here you go m8

Youll thank me later

Its the best all arround torch that i have atm

How about this fella…

Contact this chap:

+1, a fine choice. I’ve got the blf edition :slight_smile:

Are 3tronics a UK manufacturer?

I don’t think they are a torch manufacturer,just a uk store.I would imagine 90% of all torches are made in china, so i guess you want a uk store selling one of those.Edit: I think you’ll find Fenix and Nitecore have uk stores.

Flashaholics are my favourite, you could also try MyFenix, MindYourFingers, Led Fire Torches, Nightgear or Torch Direct. For a good EU source try Fenix gmbh they used to be called Flashlightshop de. they have a very good sale section and postage from Germany is reasonable. For batteries I use NKON in Holland- good prices and quick delivery. As the pound is strong against the euro I source things from the EU more often now.

There isn’t many UK manufacturers, especially of 18650 size, take a look Here

I do a bundle Here

But also offer other types, if you email me I can sort something out for you


You pay through the nose for torches in the UK. Get in on a decent groupbuy through Banggood or Gearbest - both of whom I’ve had loads of stuff from (posted to the UK) and suck up the wait. It’s worth it for paying a fraction of the price for the same lights you’ll get from Flashaholics/TorchDirect et al.

Although I can’t knock BG - I had my T01 within a week of ordering recently, which has to be some sort of record.