Ultimate LED Bulbs - Ultra High CRI - The Honorable Quest

from 16$ for 6w model w/o shipping :stuck_out_tongue:
Also I am going to start SunLike∞ model for 11€ for 8 real watts, because I think that use ordinary “fake white” LEDs it is a crime.
Also I am going to start manufacturing head flashlight with sunlike led (12w). There some enginering tasks, for example 35v on the LED.
Excuse me for english version of my web-site. I am alone for all types of jobs.
About my lampman’s craft here - use translator

some photos of my crazy projects you can find here

Welcome to BLF, SunLike! I hope you have a nice time here :slight_smile:

Welcome SunLike! I skimmed your YT video and I think you are going to like it here :slight_smile:

Those spectra look like they have both blue and violet emitters in them, combined with top of the line phosphors. R9 and R12 are both superb.

Welcome here Adam!

Seoul Semiconductor/Toshiba's SunLike range is clearly top of the class colorimetry wise, very close to Optisolis levels results I saw in the past. SOL3000K and SOL4000K are veeeery appealing.

I did a “BLF-type” test on one of the SunLikes here: SunLike 3500K 95+ CRI midpower led from Seoul Semiconductors tested


Does anybody know where to buy that SOL1306SXX COBs?
Seems absent from “mainstream” marketplaces (aliexpress, taobao, ebay,…) :frowning:

From me =) They still do not have markets. They sell directly to manufactures. In this moment there is 2 manufactures on SOLs in the world/flat eaarth. Me and some huge sindicate in China. But you can not buy their poor products on ali or tao or etc.
I am so small, that I have no workers still =) But I am going…

Adam, can you sell BLF members bare emitters?

emitters? you mean cob leds? There is 6w, 12w, 24w models on my web-site

I really am interested in the SunLike bulbs. I need to source a couple for testing in a fixture in my office and maybe one or 2 at home. One wish I have is for a truly high quality bulb to offer some kind of integration into home automation. The Lifx kinda suck on the network and the light is not that great and others leave much to be desired as well. The integration of an ESP8266 or zigbee chip that will talk to a Hue Hub would be amazing!

Ok, picking up the pace... looks like we will have Christmas lightening sooner than my wife could expect...LOOOOL

I’m getting a lot of confusion from sunlikelamp.com. I said yes to translation in Google chrome, selected the British flag, and no luck. Here’s a screenshot of what I see. It seems I was able to select both 3000k and 4000k at the same time, as well as the SOL and SAW models at the same time. See pic. And what is the meaning of the letter on the end of the model? For example, SunLike6, SunLike6D, SunLike10X, SunLike6 Bronse, SunLike12D, SunLike12S?

How’s the mod-ability of these sun-like lamps? I want to try some of the 35 volt 90 CRI 2200K COB chips from mouser.

Let me explain it to you.
Yes, you can choose some mutually exclusive parameters. But also you can not choose anything, it is not neccesarry. Anyway I will send payment bill manually.
About letter on the end. What is it mean was in the rus language in price

Bronse - it was 2 years ago, I delete it, but in english version it can be as I see. I just fix it in 6w model. It mean how much leds will in lamp, for example in 12w led bulb can be 25w led, it will more effective.
6 - wattage. It is real, not fake like chinawatts
:snowflake: - bigger body
d - dimmable
x - eXperimental (tried to do cheaper)
s - switchable spectrums

for example on lamptest was 12D Titanium (platinum)
d - China sunlike (SOL)
D - Seoulsemico (SAW)
Now more leds is marked like 13D+ or 13D. Only on bodies.

this was 2 years ago. see model: 12D titan. it is w/o cover (diffuser) and with it

100lm per 1w from the line. 15% take off cover (diffuser)

First, congratulations Adam, you have the post #100 of this thread :)

Can you please add links pointing to those pictures instead of putting all them directly in the thread? I think you should also add explanations with each image, so everyone can understand their purposes and seek/analyse the relevant information in each.

All that will greatly enhance the readability of this thread and the visibility of your posts.

You are also welcome to create a dedicated "seller thread" in the "Commercial Sellers' Spot" section of BLF. You can find information about that in the Commercial dedicated FAQ. You can also ask an admin for further information, if needed. This way you will be able to expose all your products, giving all explanations and pictures as much as you wish.

Thanks Adam. That D,X,S explanation really cleared things up. And so did the fact that you don’t need to make choices in conflicting categories.
One last question, I noticed now that the specs don’t say what voltage they work with, just that they are E27 bases. This makes me think they might not work at all in the USA with our 120v lighting fixtures. Do they work on 120v?

Sunlike, so all of these are + duv? I’m looking for some - duv lights for more rosy tint.

Hi Sunlike, my slavic brother :smiley: . I suppose Mordor means Russia? I am very interested in the following LEDs:
COB SSC Sunlike
3030 SSC Sunlike
And really need to put them in my products (test series) and propably send some samples to Maukka :wink: What CCTs would be most desired? 3000K, 4000K or maybe 5000K?