Ultimate LED Bulbs - Ultra High CRI - The Honorable Quest

Thanks, just added to the table. Hope we'll be able to have independant testing for them in the future.

Can somebody summarize for me the whole Costco discussion, do we have there a new ultra high CRI candidate?

No, they are like 92 CRI, ~60 R9 and dimmable but considering those specs they are quite cheap and represent a good value. Not a new ultra CRI candidate though.

The one’s i purchased are, supposedly 91 CRI, 90 R9. Just saying :slight_smile:

I do agree though. They’re not ultra CRI but at just over $2/bulb they’re an excellent value.

Now I am dealer of the REMEZ =)
With price like in official site (10-20% highter)
I have international shipping, but now it is 6$ for any order (by belpost)
About time of life of REMEZ bulb… 30000 hours… How they test it? Just by 1000 hours =)

You can buy REMEZ LED bulbs with international shipping HERE

Does it support 120V, seems like it doesn’t from their site? Also, too bad about no dimming.

I just taked results of the SmartEcoLightning (who do SOLs)

I am going to do bulbs with their LEDs with UV and IR for plants (additional light). But it will be for eyes too. It is with extreme hight CRI too. I am going to do 6, 12, 18, 36, 110W

I will send it to Maukka for test. They do not want to send it now. I mean for free. They concentrated in Russia market now. So, I will do it.

Also I will do review on my youtube.

1st. - Big aluminum body-radiator.
2nd. - 130° capacitors.
3d. - high CRI LEDs with all spectrum. I mean hight CRI in all R1-R15 indexes.

Just put some in my basement fixtures. Tried the 5000k but they were… just wrong. Too harsh. The 3000k rated ones (which feel more like 4000k to me) are quite nice, though. While not ULTRA high CRI, they are very decent and certainly heads and tails above most other commonly available LED or CFL bulbs. Typically our basement bulbs last a long time due to limited use, so might not be the best test of durability but we’ll see. I did date each bulb on the base in sharpie.

Alright I spent $99 on this Android app cause I was too lazy to install and carry a laptop all around my house for you guys. :beer:

NOTE: the only one I allowed to “warm up” was the 100W Feit, all the rest were on for less than 1 minute.

“EcoSmart 60-Watt Equivalent A19 Dimmable Energy Star Clear Filament Vintage Style LED Light Bulb Bright White (4-Pack) ”3000K”“:https://www.homedepot.com/p/EcoSmart-60-Watt-Equivalent-A19-Dimmable-Energy-Star-Clear-Filament-Vintage-Style-LED-Light-Bulb-Bright-White-4-Pack-40489/308723957

Cree 40W Equivalent Soft White (2700K) B11 Candelabra Exceptional Light Quality Dimmable E12 LED Light Bulb (2-Pack)

CEOM100/930/4 (N) - Feit enhance 17.5W (100w replace) 3000K - COSTCO

Builder installed recessed lights in house

One last bulb, a GE 15W T8 fluorescent replacement in the garage:

CRI 81.3
R9 15.6
R12 60.5
CCT 3836.5K (0.0047 Duv)
Rf 81.7
Rg 97.8

Based on their published data from their website, its 170v mini.

Thanks for the work! So, the recap:

  • EcoSmart CRI 83 / R9 11 / R12 75 / Rf 81 / Rg 90
  • Cree CRI 92 / R9 56 / R12 75 / Rf 83 / Rg 94
  • CEOM100 CRI 93 / R9 66 / R12 ? / Rf 87 / Rg 95
  • Builder CRI 92 / R9 60 / R12 78 / Rf 89 / Rg 97
  • GE CRI 81 / R9 16 / R12 61 / Rf 82 / Rg 98

Cool app! I don’t see anything like that in the Apple store, though :frowning:

It’s only for Android and it works alongside a USB device (color or spectral meter) plugged into an OTG cable. In my case the cheapest one, a ColorMunki Photo (now sold as: X-Rite i1Studio) I got off eBay second hand.

Triple pad LED? Are they high power? Maybe they would be suitable for flashlight use?

Though spectrum looks worse than the COBs. For bulbs, what advantage do they have?

It is for plants. Real power is 1.2w. Size is 3.5×3.5mm. You can solder it on standart cree star.

Also they will do COB with the same spectrum 19×19mm 14w.

Also this leds can be used for eyes. It is universal. For plants (additional light) and for eyes. It is the reason why I will do bulbs on it.

I will call it SunLike PLUS, after that will be StarLike (it is a sicret now)

Weak. But if it overdrives well it might be a feasible E21A alternative….


Can you measure max.temp of back surface of these lamps ?
for example, at open air at room temp, and , may be, in some ceiling lamp.

Pardon me if this has been posted already but i just found these:


Found the best “Candelabra” I’ve seen yet:

60-Watt Equivalent B11 Dimmable ENERGY STAR Clear Glass Filament Vintage Edison LED Light Bulb Bright White

CCT 2990.3
CRI 92.3
Duv 0.0007
R9 59.5
Rf 87.8
Rg 95.1
R12 80.2

It’s a glass filament style bulb and dims down to what I estimate to be only a few percent. It honestly looks like incandescent low dimming, crazy.

Also tested a Feit 4ft tube light from Costco.

Meh, better than GE in all aspects including price but still looking for good high CRI one that isn’t crazy expensive.

CCT 3848
CRI 83.7
Duv 0.0018
R9 15.9
Rf 82.7
Rg 94.9
R12 61.4