UltraFire 602C Transformation

While placing an order with FastTech a few weeks ago I threw an UltraFire 602C in the cart. I had a few RCR123s, drivers and LEDs kicking around and figured at $5 no big deal if I don’t like it.

I put it together with a CW XM-L and KD V2 8*7135 driver (moonlight low). Not a bad little light, build quality is ok for the money. As configured just what you’d expect from a small reflector XM-L at 3A.

Had the same issues as mentioned in this review. The reflector is loose in the head and even worse, the LED side of the reflector is flat. Even with an isolation disk there’s no room for the wiring.
I filed the lower edges of the reflector to clear the wiring but I wasn’t able to get the reflector properly centered on the LED.
The other issue was the switch boot was uneven. The switch sits so low in the body that none of my snap ring or needle nose plier would reach it.

Neither issue a big deal, beam was fine and everything worked fine so not worth more effort.

I played around with it a few nights but it didn’t do much for me, on the shelf, destined to be a loaner or gift, that was about a week ago.

Today I picked it up again and decided to straighten out the boot. After that was done I filed the reflector a bit more and got everything properly centered.

Now I can’t put the darn thing down! Makes no sense, functionally the light is the same, beam looks the same and I can’t see the switch boot in use. For some reason a couple of minor imperfections had me sour on the light.

This one’s keeper now.

That type of thing ever happen to anyone else?

I can totally understand you.
I never used my grey L2P due to its colour mismatch. Nobody would notice it if you don´t tell them, but I know/see it and I hate it… The light is just no fun : /

My black L2M has a small gap between the battery tube and the head. Not a big deal… but you know the rest of the story…

It´s the small things that make my lights fun to use and/or play with.

Check this out. My 602C

**thanks i’ve been wanting a small 16340 size light that has a switch. gonna order the parts from that linked thread. i like the moonlight mode of that blf edition driver.
3a in that tiny thing must get hot quick?

At High it get noticeably warm but not that HOT. The medium is bright and if you want High mode
it’s available. :beer:

After ordering I read apt323’s review. I had everything sitting in the parts bin so the only cost was for the host.

The Q-lite drive would also be a great choice.

Whats next? :slight_smile: