ULTRAFIRE C1 ( P60 Host )

I received one of these yesterday. Very neat little light! Being that I am the epitome of tech savvy. I didn’t know it was a P60 host till the gentleman told me. Here’s the issue… I know nothing about hosts or drop ins. What are some good drop ins? Any pros or cons I should know about with this kinda light?

How much are you looking to spend?

KD has an XML U2 5 mode for under $10 that is really bright.

Just remember to wrap the drop in with aluminum so that it fits tight in the light and disipates heat.

Just want some good BRIGHT drop ins.

Then go to cpf marketplace, and check out the custom drop ins from Vinh. He can make an XML 4.5A drop in for around $50.


Here’s the best one that I have found and it has no blinkies and very bright.


Thanx Rick

Lightmalls has a single Mode for 8.90:


Also, FYI, Someone was looking for a 3T6 Drop-in, they have that, also:


Also, you could scavenge the drop-in in this host, a U3 and it is damn bright!


I'll second rikr's link. I have it. It's direct drive on high and pulls whatever your cells can give - 4.5A to 5A is common. It does have low PWM if that bothers you (doesn't me) and is quite cool blue. It's in my currently most used light wrapped with copper foil for a tight fit (bought copper foil on Ebay).


wrapped P60? When you say foil? What kind of foil are we talking about?

aluminum foil. To fill the void between body and drop in

Watch this.

I would be a little reluctant to drive it at 4.5A, sometimes the tail switches are rated to only 3A. Looking at Match’s data on the emitter lumens (XM-L ) the difference between 2.8A and 4.5A is about 150 on a 1C. Ideally you would drive it at about 3.8-4A since that is where the curve peaks, additional current doesn’t translate to lumens.
There’s one at intl-outdoor that looks pretty good, $17 and you can choose smooth/op, T6/U3, and modes, but then again I think you can build it for about $10 with parts from fasttech



Thats what I was told. Dont know much about drop ins.