Ultrafire C8: annoying mode behaviour


where did you buy this C8? My C8 it's threads are gone :< so i cant close the tailcap anymore... so I need a replacement host... so im looking for the cheapest c8 host :P

i need to be able to screw this pill into it :

thanks :>

There are tons of the old Q5 version on ebay. The price for mine was $8.59 and I bought it from the seller "hittime_hk".

too bad he's only selling the xml version atm :(
do you think i can fit my pill into this one: http://www.dealextreme.com/p/c8-cree-q5-5-mode-160lm-white-led-flashlight-w-strap-1-x-18650-114143?item=8 ??

edit: sorry i think i found it .. its this one right? --> http://www.ebay.com/itm/LED-Q5-Cree-Flashlight-Torch-Light-Lamp-5-Mode-Super-Bright-18650-Camping-New-1-/350546823242?pt=US_Flashlights&hash=item519e38084a

if so do you have the same pill as the picture i posted :) ?

Nice job on the driver transplant. I know Match descrbed that process for getting solder to stick to aluminum on here once. You probably centered led better than it was before.

Thanks Langcjl, I must have read it in obe of Matchs posts.

The good thing about the XR-E emitters is, they are practically self-centering once the reflector is in place.

@Maddoxx: The second link you posted is the one I bought. Your pill definitely looks similar, but I can't tell for sure. It could as well be one mm off in the wrong spot.
From what I've read, not all of the C8 flashlights are equally constructed...

I can confirm that this is a genuine C8 host for only 8.41. The only downside is that it has a plastic reflector.. other then that it is just fine! (It's the same host that gets sold on Kaidomain etc.)

But I fixed my broken c8 host with this :D I was able to screw the old pill into it just fine :)


I already have a better reflector from MF in mine, and a glass lens as well.

Hi everybody!
I have bought 2 ultrafire c8 xml t6 flashlights about one year ago and i am very pleased with them (i think they are genuine)
A month ago i bought another two from another ebay seller, they are a bit different (i think are fake) and didnt last long, the clicky switch broke on both and the led also it is gone.
I have found the clicky switch replacement ( http://www.dinodirect.com/stars-clicky-switch-for-ultrafire-c2-c8-flashlights.html?cur=EUR ) but i can not find the xml-t6 led, can you help me our please?
Sorry for my bad english

I hope you enjoy your stay and keep coming back, theOS_the_one!