Underground Mine Surveying with Flashlights (Beamshots) PIC HEAVY

Awesome! thankyou for this. I am in Civil eng. right now. First year, so I have only touched on the surveying so far .It is very interesting to see this! Thanks for the photos and write up!!

Very interesting

That is some damn cool stuff.

very cool stuff, thanks for sharing!

Garry, I'm survey engineer too (one of my proffesions), but I work in IT now. Those 360 views are pretty neat stuff. A lot of work and good enlightening needed.

I have quite some caving pictures, but they are mostly done with flash or in combination with flashlight and not so perfect. To take some really good pictures you need a lot of time. One of the most perfect photographs here in sLOVEnia is Peter Gedei. Just google his name and take a look his pictures, you won't regret.

EPIC thread Garry!! What a great read. Right Up there with the Pump House and Shorty/Longman!! Also reminds me of some of Mardukes cave-exploring threads (before his exit) on CPF.

thanks for sharing!

Cool! Thanks for the link. I've never really been interested in cave exploration myself, but I enjoy the photos. I would think cave exploration would be even more dangerous than being in an underground mine. At least the mine was purposely constructed the way it was and built to be stable (well, usually). Even then we were constantly watching the ceiling for cracks and on edge if we heard pebbles drop.

Funny, I'm also the company's I.T. guy too. I'm trying to ditch those responsibilities though. I used to like computers until working on them became part of my job, now I hate them! Even hate when I have to help family members and friends with their computers!

I'm also more involved with engineering (civil) than surveying at work. This isn't the way I want it to be, but what has happened. I'm trying to get my professional license in the near future (currently have my S.I.T. certification), but having a tough time getting the necessary experience. I don't mind some of the engineering stuff though.


Great to see someone actually using his lights for some serious purposes, not just bragging rights or compulsive light hoarding syndrome :D!

Well I wouldn't say that I'm not starting to suffer from CLHS! Just the other night I was out shopping with the wife and picked up a cheap flashlight to look at because it came with some sort of bike mount looking clamp attached and the wife immediately said "you have enough flashlights". (She has no idea!)

It is a great feeling though when you really have a good use for the lights you buy!


This is how you know you have too many lights ..

nice addition, we don’t’ appreciate how truly strong some flashlights are at 800 meters.

just stumbled across this thread. At one point I could ‘smell’ (sniff,sniff)the mine. I was in a mine years ago & didn’t like it…………but i like the photos. Don’t like caves either. I’d rather live vicariously through you guys. Thanks for sharing Garry!


very cool garry!

Nice Garry, I missed this when it was posted. Makes me want to go to the caves again, not that I do any real spelunking, but its fun to test out lights in big chambered caves and I haven’t been since I got the LED bug and my current lights. Maybe this summer I’ll have some pics of a lava tube I visit occasionally with some 3+XMLs :slight_smile:

Well I'm getting another opportunity to go back into this mine and play . . . ahem . . . work with some flashlights this coming Monday. We need to locate an area underground where we want two boreholes from the surface to punch through into the mined out area (i.e. not end up with drilling into an unminded pillar). We will then move up to the surface and stake those locations for the drill rig. They will have to drill down about 150 to 180 feet.

There won't be a lot of work to do underground and I won't be able to take pics (because we will have someone with us), but at least I have better lights to use this time around! Will definitely wear my mule headlamp. My coworker is one that works in underground active mines on occasion. I'll be showing off how much more superior my lights are than what he's used to using (the "certified" Mine headlights suck! - like 100 lumen XR-E suck!)


Nice. You’ll get that Crocodile Dundee moment where you can say “That’s not a flashlight” to your co-worker.

This sounds like fun. Apart from the headlamp are you taking any other lights with you?

I'll probably take a Skyray King (my highest output light), my EDC S2 NW tint, and maybe a Jacob A60. Oh maybe my StarryNight as i tried to talk my coworker into buying it. Wondering about using a bike light on my head. Perhaps my new NW Yinding though it'll overheat on high.


You'll blow him away with the SkyRay King. I'll email a couple of lights to you if you like.

Well now my partner got swapped. I'm now headed in with a younger inexperienced guy that's never been underground. He's excited though. He asked me if he needs to bring any lights and I told him "I got you covered".