[UPDATED M4D deal] Manker “EDC Muscle Combo – BLF Limited”

Speaking of, do we have any details on who makes this optic or its dimensions?

I’m in! This is legit! Both lights look awesome.

This is so AWESOME!!
one question, When these orders are placed could we request to be able to purchase / add-on extra 18350 and 18650 bodies with our order if desired? that way if we are heading out camping we can set up both lights on the larger bodies if we want?

I too would be interested in adding on another 18650 tube to my order

It says they are using “advanced intelligent temperature regulation module”. I would like to know if it is working well, how it compares to Andrulin, perhaps an output graph.

Yup. Temperature regulation, when done well, is great. When done poorly (threshold too low or wild oscillations), it will ruin a flashlight experience.

I would like to know if an extra MC13 head in another color would be an add on option.

this deal can happen because the Set is "unique" and cannot be bought from other shops (hence the price i got for it)

i am certain that you can add any regular item from the shop to the groupbuy order ;)

and i will ask them to offer the MC13 "head only" as regular item - that might attract other customers as well.

I think that’s incredible Martin, I would even like a white and a green … maybe one of each color.

That would work! Thanks again Martin!

MC13 tear down pics….for those who dare… :smiley:

Driver is heavily glued… a little acetone and pushing the driver radially to sheer the glue worked in minutes… advise not to punch out thru the mcpcb hold downs screw holes…

Signal tube looks to be glued with a slight press fit…

Looks like a nice big PCB but shelf is anodized and something isn’t flat by the looks of paste.

Can you measure optic width height and led opening?

Woah, stingy on the thermal grease :frowning:

Looks like an attiny44. I see a coil so hopefully this is a buck-boost arrangement. Any closer pics of the driver? Not necessary, I’m just curious about what they have going on here.

Question, will these lights accommodate normal flat top 18650/18350 batteries? The ones provided seem to be much longer with the included USB charging.

Any pics of the internals of the heads and bases?

I’m in for one! Think i’ll get a blue and green head if possible! Thanks Martin!

I’m so glad to hear Vinh thinks this new Manker UI is perfect! Finally those that are sensitive to poor UI no longer have to rule out Manker lights!


Manker, I hope the shelf will be devoid of anodization?

If lights are going to be made specially for this groupbuy, would it be possible to produce them without glue?

I second to that.