[UPDATED M4D deal] Manker “EDC Muscle Combo – BLF Limited”

If so then this group buy should be a killer combo for you. A flooder and a thrower incl batteries for $111 dollarydoos is a darn good deal IMO. If these drivers are as efficient as Olight drivers that would be really nice.

My thoughts exactly. From my view the reviews seem good enough for me that I’ll take a chance. Definitely need to start studying runtime graphs though.

Let me know if you have any questions but I’m glad that you’re paying attention to the runtime graphs and general efficiency. I can’t speak for BLF as I’m not on here often but a lot of people on the Reddit /r/flashlight don’t really care about driver efficiency beyond “ZEBRALIGHT GOOD” and there are a lot who are uninformed and some who are misinformed.

Most of my info has been gathered from Reddit up til now. You’re right about the lack of discussion there. It’s mostly photos of beam shots and collections/new lights. Still fun but not that informative. Drivers and the differences are something I need to get into. Any suggestions for good places to start?

A lot of the problem comes down to format. ToyKeeper said it better than I could here :

I’d probably start with some searches of this forum or a trip to the flashlight wiki. There’s a lot to unpack and that question is super broad. What were you wondering about?

Good post to get acquainted to the various types of drivers and how they differ.

I don’t know the specifics of the circuitry myself but this community has no small amount of engineers and even some who design drivers for production lights like Lexel.

ZeroAir Reviews has graphs for the largest amount of lights and he includes temperature data as well which is rly good.

I signed up too.

Lights were received yesterday and things are looking good! I’m hoping to get runtime graphs put together this weekend and will hopefully have the review posted within a week.

Awesome! Can I ask a huge favor? If the review is not ready for publishing before the 20th could you post a sneak preview of the runtime graphs for the high mode early? IDK about other people but for a small 18350 light like this, an efficient driver is the deciding factor for me.

If not then I’ll be keen to read your review on these lights when you post it. They look amazing and I haven’t found reviews on these lights online yet.

I’m in for 2, thanks Martin!

There is a video of the E14 III here: - YouTube

Can someone translate what he is saying around 04:10 regarding protected/unprotected 18650 cells ? Does he say unprotected cells are too short ?

Not an example of poor management but a whole different category of budget. While the beforehand mentioned Zebralight flashlights target consumers with figuratively big pockets, Wurkkos's FC11 is a true budget flashlight for less than $30 including battery and some more accessories that Zebralight will not even supply with their lights for prices of $ 80 and more. So, it's like comparing apples and pears. If you want a flashlight with a fully regulated buck/boost driver, you will definitely need to pay more than $ 30.

how much is the shipping to Macedonia?

Signed up for the pair. I already bought the E14 III. Shipped fast too. I want another and that little thrower looks nice. I got the Acebeam E10 and a Catapult V6 but, I’d find a good use for the thrower.

Thanks MAX

we offer free shipping with tracking number via post mail. of course, you can pay extra for DHL/FedEx/EMS.

I really want to buy the E05 Ti. Is strobe really in the mode set? I have to go through strobe to get back to low?

Please tell me strobe isn’t in the mode set.

Definitely interested in the group buy. Any chance for custom serial numbers?

Either chosen numeric or alpha (initials)?

Like "80085"?

Sounds like a nightmare to keep track of :-)

he says:
"with the long version you need to use a protected cell! An unprotected would be much too short! has not enough tension... well - it would work also.. (shakes the tight cell) ...hmmm... i feel its not optimal... (flashlight just works) but optimal is a protected!"


€dit tested and found no downside from using a short, unprotected cell (30Q)

on hart tap it has a short disconnect, but the driver design allows to come back in same mode immedeately!!