Urgent - > XHP driver needed

Here are specs:

Input: li-ion 2S = 8.4V max.
Output can be 12V for XHP 35-HI or 6V for XHP 70
Dimensions: not realy that important as long as it is under 40mm diameter (17-35mm will fit fine). Height: up to 20mm.
Modes: low -> mid -> high or mid->high (no strobe or sos or any other blinkie modes)
(Would be good if it pushes LED harder, don’t need turbo timers there is plenty of material to suck up the heat)

Tricky part:: it must work only with e-switch
Two buttons (klicky for ON/OFF and e-switch for modes) setup will not work unfortunately…

Any suggestions/offers!


Closest thing I can think of is this 46mm - SRK 32x 7135 Driver - V2

Maybe check out other 6V drivers too if you haven’t already 7135 / Linear

Thanks for your options, unfortunately MTN is in US and I am on the other side of the globe so shipping is a bit, yes it’s urgent but not 40$/driver urgent…
I just remembered that I have LD-2 driver, I have to check his specs!!!

For the LD2 driver, it has to be set up for 2S, that requires a few parts on the underside, that may or may not have been added to the driver when you ordered it.

I do have some parts delivered with the driver, 4 very very very small resistors + 2 slightly less very very small resistors and one 5 pin component that I have no way to solder on the driver if it is neaded :confused:

Should I combine it with XHP50 or XHP70, hmm? I never really find out what is the max A for XHP leds…

” Kaidomain XHP35 1,5A driver”:http://www.kaidomain.com/p/S025108.LD-51-28mm-1-5A-2-Cells-5-Mode-Boost-Driver-Circuit-Board-for-Cree-XHP35

I have that one, it doesnt work with e-switch or at least it is not documented, it does have “KEY” soldering spot but it is not explained what is it for, BLF member tested shorting it to ground (that is how e-switch usually works but nothing happend).
I will use my one and only LD-2, most expencive driver that I have :slight_smile: so I have one chance to get it right.
Do you know what is the max safe current for XHP50 and XHP 70?

Here is the latest thread on a boost driver. Looks like it will work with an e-switch too.

GXB20 Driver – Homemade Constant Current Programmable XHP50 Single-Cell Boost Driver


Has good mode spacing (so i’m told).

Sorry, no e-switch…

Sirius, I use a Zener modified FET driver with TK’s ramping firmware for a light like you describe, 6V emitters such as XHP-50/70 or the MT-G2. This is e-switch operable and I like to have a clicky tail switch for lockout as the Zener modified driver can have more parasitic drain than preferable.

Modifiying the FET driver (not an FET+1) is quite simple really, merely removing the diode and applying a 200 ohm resistor in it’s place, then using the Zener diode at the C1 position to protect the MCU. Some of the newer FET boards have Zener pads on them, making it that much easier.

Depending on the light/host, you should get 9A to 12A from top cells, and up to 7000+ lumens from a top binned XHP-70, some 4100 from an MT-G2.

Could Lexel build one of the TA drivers for you? I think there is an e-switch only option on them as well.

TA driver with Narsil is one of the best options you can choose for a non boost driver, with 2 good 26650 batteries you get about 10A when full and 4-5 A when they are 70% empty on a XHP70

First drivers are expected for this batch to be build in 2 weeks

21mm boards are already on stock from last batch