US based QTC interest

ordered 150 just now. Looks like total cost is going to be between 40 and 55 cents each depending on shipping cost and if they charge me VAT or not. Will know shortly.

And yes, I can send to Canada.

Hi wiljen, I'd go for 10 too please.


Thanks for organizing this wiljen.

If you have to pay VAT scream loud and long! You are quite a long way outside the EU so VAT should not apply. Any attempt to do so is just adding 20% profit to their end of the deal.

If the supplier tries to charge it, tell them to FOAD. If it's MUTR, I'm quite happy to phone them and explain to them. Loudly and obscenely.

And I just learned two new swearcronyms. I think.

Thanks Wiljen and Don. I can almost taste their quantum creamy goodness finally! mmmm. Soon they'll collapse into sweet OR creamy...

Nope, just one:

FOAD = "Fart" off and die

MUTR = Middlesex University Teaching Resources

ok, got an update today. They are enroute and they did NOT charge me the VAT so final price came out to 3 for $1. Seeing as these are small enough to put in an envelope, I figure postage at $0.50 for the stamp.

If you were in the list above as interested, please post a response with the # you have an interest in if your previous post did not list it. Once I have that tally, I will post with how many more I have available and open up sales to additional members but I want to take care of those who spoke earliest first.


Thanks wiljen. I'll take 20, but if we can't fit in everyone who already spoke up and reserved, then maybe we can divide it up a bit finer.

I'm still up for 10.

I'll take 10 as well.

i would like 5 or 10


20 here too.. But I'd be okay with 10 if there aren't enough for everyone else!

Hi Wiljen, just confirming my post above for 10 still.

Hi Wiljen,

After your initial sales are finalized I'd like 10-20 if you have any extra or if you reorder more of them.



Ok as of right now with the interest posted, I have everybody's wants covered. Assuming Df2dot takes 10 and jefbj takes 10, that accounts for the entire order.

I'll post on arrival at my door so we can arrange for getting me addresses and such.

This is great news wiljen, thanks so much for arranging this! Eagerly awaiting their arrival

Lets just make it easy paypal to

$4.50 per 10 to a US address

$5.00 per 10 to a Canadian address (Covers the extra stamp)

$8.50 for 20 US

$9.00 for 20 Canada

that covers shipping and the paypal fees. I'll try to get them out within 24 hours of receipt of funds.

Please note your screen name as well as your realname on Paypal so I can match people up.

And please, only those folks who had already responded as my entire stash is now spoken for.

Wow, that was fast!

Sending you PP payment......

yeah kinda scary to think you paid almost $50 for an envelope that looks like it has 3 rubber bands in it.

ty !! and my mini mag mod thanks you

definatly excited i just hope there are some more discussions and tips using them

i am looking to use it other than direct drive and currently have no idea lol - time to learn