USB Charge Booster - Passthru DCP Enumerator [Final]

Took me 6 tries to get simple board made, not that learned, but what halo said, automatic ranging of charge scheme, also have tested the chips on my dual port DCP enumerator I made, that one unlike this one needs external power source, this one uses power available and provided by USB port it’s plugged into

Forgive my noobness…but how does this connect to an item you want to charge? Is it a board you install internally, or does it have some sort of USB in/out and connect via charging port, between charger and item to be charged?

Yes, USB male in on left (in), USB Female on right (out), looks like this

But automatic due to chip, not static based upon resistors

Just plug and play!

Standard usb female port at one end, standard usb male plug at the other end.

AKA it just works. Whatever you plug in. Max charge speed + juice jack protection.

That $10 usb condom does not do full speed charging. It prevents juice jacking but they don’t mention it does slow charging only. No intelligent chip.

Yup yup


Thanks for the quick response.

Can this be ordered as a complete item, build kit, or…just a board, and we buy the parts separately from digikey/mouser/ebay? Will a housing/cover be part of the get-up, or is the board just left exposed?

I am amazed at the talent an ingenuity of BLF members. Nicely done, WH!

So far just board, I put BOM on OSHPark page and here for DIYers, but I am sure RMM might pick em up and sell em, I did it creative commons license no commercial, but put BLF on it because it’s “ours”

No cover as of yet. Need to get one for meaurements then try to figure out printable case

Very interesting, i may want a few of these, especially if RMM starts selling them

Clear 18650 shrink wrap from FT works great.

Oh yeah, al my TP4056 charger modules get that treatment now :slight_smile:

WarHawk, you might want to think about selling a couple!

What about a JB Weld case, of course it would not show the pretty parts so it wouldn’t be perfect…

So do you have to flash the pertinent data to that mcu? I’m not sure I’m understanding how it’s “Automatic” unless the various codes are put in there.

Like the idea, slow on figuring out just how it works. lol

Get Richard to sell em and I’ll just pick up a few, don’t have to know how to build it just have to know how to plug it in… :bigsmile:

Go look at data sheet, it’s a resistance/volts signature on the data pins, there is nothing to flash, the IC does it all

Rather than being programmable such as attiny13 or other mcu, chips like this USB charging controller are hardwired at manufacture.

Warhark, remember data sheets are klingon if one doesn’t normally deal with them. :davie:

Ah, sorry my nerd was showing again: p

They are klingon to me too when they get to The maths… my brain catches on fire

It’s that thing in your earlobe…causes static electricity and ignites anything filled with combustible vapor.

It’s my recharge port :smiley:

Then what’s that cable coming out of your shorts?

Gotta have a ground :stuck_out_tongue: