USB chargeable lights -- recommendations?

DBSAR wrote elsewhere:

Yeah, it’s an OK light. But it has that cheap feeling to it.

I second the Nitefox UT20. A couple other options are below:
Sofirn SP32A
Zanflare F1
Rofis MR30 is awesome at 1600 lumens and can be had on Amazon for $30.
I own all these and can vouch for each one.

I’ve had a BD06 for some time and find that it’s a solid, quality light. It may not be the most impressive in output (about 1000 lumens) but with a quality 26650, it’ll run for a looooooong time. Mine had the upgraded driver and I had it set up in a few different ways. It’s a nice feature. The charging system snaps over the switch and works fine. I never measured it, but it’ll do the trick, It will take some time to fully charge a 26650 though. The switch is pretty beefy and takes a bit of force to engage. Overall it’s a nice value.

I have one each of the Convoy BD01, BD04 and BD06 lights. They’re nice lights, built to Convoy’s usual good quality, all with Biscotti firmware and all available with your choice of LED colour temperature.

The only snag is that USB charging requires a special adaptor that snaps on over the switch - if you lose the adaptor, you can’t charge the light.

Hey, for the 8bux or so that I got mine for, you hear me complaining?

maybe i could to a full test of the lights that i have and charging sources i have. now you have sparked my thoughts in doing a full light charging & charger test comparison review when i can get the time to run some more tests. I have done some as mentioned above by Hank. Some of the lights i have tested were the Klarus G20, Blitzwolf BL-LT5, Zanflare T1, Olight S1R, S2R, Nitecore HC60, DX80, and others. I did charge voltage & amp tests using various wall chargers, car 12 volt chargers, off-grid power banks, portable solar chargers, power banks, and others.

ASTROLUX FT01 It can survive the drop test Astrolux FT01 VIOLENCE TEST [2215LM 309m 8Modes] SOLID HARD --Banggood Flashlight - YouTube

I asked HKJ about testing USB-chargeable flashlights, but he said he’d have to drill holes in them to do his usual tests.

drill holes in them? :open_mouth: i thought only doctors do that to us when they needed to test our brains! :smiley:

No. I just say that not everyone would be happy with it. Myself I like it as well. And I use it a lot.