USB charger anilyzer

Seen one posted in a review…

It got plugged in between the USB power source and the device being charged and showed voltage, current and mah put it, possibly other info.

Anyone know the device?

These! Lol
What’s recommended for a good one? This one looks good for the price

Review of RD Tech USB 3.0

Look at for tests of many USB tester/meters.

That’s pretty cool it graphs voltage and current over time.

I have one of these, it is tested by HKJ here:

It is very good and looks good too, but the price makes it a thing for snobs I guess:

probably one of the best one and the most expensive. Link to disccusion thread on BLF
There are several versions red, blue, yellow and green with bluetooth it even tells you if you charger/source is QC capable or identify which ports support certain phone identification like Apple.

YZXstudio ZY1273

YZXstudio ZY1265 QC 3.0

USB Load Tester YZXStudio ZL1100

And for those with money for high-priced test equipment, one must also test their USB cables to ensure that they are capable of delivering the current that the power supply is producing:

I like that one, got a cool Mario loading screen too lol.

Is the price difference really worth it? I mean, if the one I linked gives wildly inaccurate numbers than it would be basically a novelty item. If it’s consistent and only off a little would work for me. A comparison review of budget vs “high end” would be neat

I have 3 of these. The first was ordered a long time ago and performed perfectly. The 2 newest ones are lacking in quality, with quirks like the screen blacking out and failing the continue showing the stats after charging is completed. If the newer ones performed like my first one, I’d recommend these wholeheartedly. At least they’re cheap.

Thanks, thats pretty much what I wanted to know. I would rather get the $5 one, but if they are flaky, I would rather spend $25-30 and get something that works properly. I would like to see the final stats on the charge with out sitting over it watching it the whole time…

Wow, nice! But kinda expensive for what it does, compared to the YZXStudio meters.

If the price goes down, I'm interested :)

I am using KWS-MX16 (2016) now. Have a search in eBay or Ali.

go for a cheap one. I have/hade more than 8 different model and had got few burned, but i regretted buying the zy1273. Sure i still use it when i use dash charge for my OP3, but nahhhh, better have 2-3 lying around for hald the price than just one that does nothing special. You could look at one of those with oled like the one freeme mentioned, for 5-7 USD on ali, basically they are all the same. Or look for the KEWEISI, you can get one of those for 2.8 to 3.5 USD on aliexpress

Also if I may suggest you, the best would be buying the 35W load with OLED screen, it will do the meter and the load, and both togheter at once .

That depends on what you need, I mostly use YZX studio models because:

  1. They are very precise
  2. They show the voltage on the data lines.
  3. Can remember mAh, i.e. they can be used to test mAh in power banks.

They have a few other functions, but I do not use them much.

Sure everything depends....

Also voltage on data lines is shown by all the models /iterations based on the j7 interface.

mAh are stored on many models to... I could be wrong... I repeat I could remember wrong... But the kcx 017 stores values.... The kaweisi or other with that form factor does too... To be honest I can't remember one of those I had which doesn't.


I am a the "usb 3.0 comprehensive tester"


Is there a secret decoder ring for all the different YZXStudio models?

Is there an official ebay store for them? There seems to be a lot of different stores flogging them.

I have had my eye on them for a while, IIRC, there were some that were coming into the US with Chinese UI’s, which is… less than useful for me.

The table in my review compares a couple of models:

They've got an official TaoBao store. But that's in Chinese and you need an agent to buy stuff on taobao.

Closest thing to an official eBay dealer for YZXStudio stuff is Franky Tong.

Get the YZXStudio ZL1100 if you want the absolute best standalone load tester/discharger. (Doesn’t act as a meter)

ZY1270 is my favorite, has a great display and a micro-USB input to test cable resistance/ voltage drop but it can get clumsy sometimes due to the odd size and form factor. ZY1273 is the smaller version also with dual USB port but lack the microUSB input.

I have tried other cheaper USB meters in the past but the build quality is nowhere near YZX products, specially at the USB male/female connector. They often wear out quickly and tend to add extra resistance, giving you false readings and lower power transfer. I have been using a ZY1265 for years and after several hundreds of reconnects it still works great.