Useful USB meter to test chargers and cords?

I tried to sift through the meter thread but wasn’t sure still. So what USB meters are preferred here on Amazon us? I have seen several that look decent with good reviews, just confirming with the crowd here. Want to test wall and vehicle USB chargers and cables.

Is your choice of platform limited to Amazon US or not?

If not, then RD Tech meter’s would be your best bet:

Very good customer service in general, very responsive, and have great products in general.

For regular USB-A connectors:

For USB-C connectors:

For special protocols(Dash/Warp Charge):

Thanks , I will check them out. Just once in awhile not waiting is preferred lol.

I have a YZXstudio (model 1266). Not even sure if this model is available anymore. There are different models. A bit more pricey than most but also more accurate with more digits.

Some of the models are on Amazon but it may not be the best price.

I have a cheap XTAR $5 unit that I don’t use. Only one decimal point accuracy. How much you spend depends on how picky you are with accuracy. The cheap ones work and at least give you an idea of what is going on.

“Want to test wall and vehicle USB chargers and cables.”

I have always been interested in the performance of these things and I used a load box that I had made awhile back. I would set the load current to what I want within the chargers specification and then look at the voltage with an oscilloscope to see how much ripple, noise spikes, etc. Naturally a DMM can give the DC voltage, but what I think makes a good charger is how clean the signal is without too much ripple.

Then you can test various USB cables and see how much voltage drop you get from one end to the other. I definitely stay away from 28AWG cables and go with larger diameter wire. It was this testing that showed what the loss is just from the cable wire gauge and length.

I’ve got one called X-dragon. It’s got a 5 or 6 inch wire lead that makes it much more convenient to be able to view the the screen depending on how and where you got it plugged in. Nice big bright numbers. Two outlets and the first one works with the quick charge 2.0 , it is available on

I see a whole bunch of “MakerHawk” models on Amazon-US that look exactly like RD’s.

Are they actual US distributors of RD’s gear with RD’s blessing, or are they just clones?


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