Video on making a battery holder

This is a very long video. I run my mouth too much.Embarassed It's a different approach for making a battery holder. It could be used for making any type of cylindrical batteries in series or parallel.

I guess I was bored...

Nice video Old-Lumens!
I think it is good that you “run your mouth” during the video. It keeps the video interesting.

Love it. btw just found the Old lumens channel the other day too lol

Thanks OL for the video on this different build. In Aus I’m not sure where to get your end caps but Jaycar would be my first stop. Again you have shown what can be achieved by the most basic of tools. OL vice is nothing special and his files are not coated in diamonds. It should be an inspiration to all off us just what can be achieved with very little. What stood out to me was your acknowledgement off building something which you can buy cheaper but you still made it. For this I thank you. There is one way to repay OL for his time and effort here and that is if you can too support him in this thread and show us all as individuals what you can do. Its not about who is best but how others have pushed us to do things we thought were not possible. Thanks OL.

The video was very clear and gave some great ideas - thank you,