Video showing how to slice the dome off an LED with washers

I finally got round to slicing some LH351D 5000K emitters and this video was very helpful! Tint ends up around 4500K and looks amazing.

Thanks to this video I’ve now used the washer method to successfully slice SST-20’s SST-40’s and LH351D’s. Getting my nerves up to trying a slice & dice on a 3v 50.2 soon!

I found some soft brass washers which I could more easily sand down to get them as absolutely perfect thickness as possible. Had a 351d develop a burn spot, I’m guessing from debris, I was able to sand the final washer down slightly and just barely slice off more dome material removing the burned spot and saving the W6 led. Could I have sanded down a steel washer? Sure, but it was a whole lot easier to do to a brass one!