VINH'S CREATIONS. Watt makes them so special?..........

Yes Indeed —- Thoughts from some one who actually mods and builds lots of lights

Bit of a shame that almost nobody realises that Vinh is member of this forum (last seen 31 months ago).
I read some of his posts and he gave useful tips on “how to …”. Guess the non-sharing idea is a bit one-sided. The reactions of those who actually had contact with him are absolute positive. So why the bitterness.

Vinh is Vinh, and the rest of us is not. Same as I am me and you are not. Live and let live.
Maybe the title of this thread should read: “What make him so special”.
Let’s say that the whole is more than the sum of the parts. He is a really nice guy, working his buns off.
But his special skills set thrives better in the CPF-pond than in ours. Because we like to do things our selves.

Groupies? Oh man don’t let me get my hands on an Old Lumens anything. I’d crow like a rooster!!!

If all you had to do was to install a chip in it to gain performance and I told you where to install it, I won’t charge you a thing. Now if you couldn’t or did not want to install the chip, then yes I would charge you for installing it.

It seems he’s a bit like marmite.

We all are free to do as we wish. Its his business to do as he wishes and that’s fine. All I was saying is that is not in the spirit of BLF. It’s great that he offers this service as some members would never own a hot rod light without him.
Like I said imagine all those who have contributed here in complete silence. This page would not exist Flashlight User Interface Cheatsheets
I don’t know the guy, it’s just my opinion from how I see it.

Well that’s just you, man.
That’s not how it works in the real world.

In the real world you have to pay for car ECU tuning software if you want to get the extra performance because someone spent a lot of time and effort to extract, change, and test the code.
You can install it yourself, with your own computer, with just software, not even a physical chip needed.

If you want the shop to install it then you pay a bit extra but 90% of the cost is just the software which is several hundred or thousand dollars.

This is if your not a modder, again this would apply to a person that can’t do it themselves.
They are forums just like this one for sharing ECU tunning.

Same applies to flashlights, 99% of people cannot do it themselves so it’s nice to have options that you can buy already modded.
I can also assure you that 99% of car enthusiasts are also not capable of reprogramming an ECU.

Agreed :+1:

Expecting a leisure hobbyist to share their findings is one thing but expecting businesses to share their secrets is communist ideology. Communism does not work in the real world.


No one expects him to but there’s no reason you can’t prefer people who do. There are plenty of businesses that do not rely on trade secrets and as far as i can tell he gets a lot of help from Richard for his own driver so he probably couldnt share some things even if he wanted to.

Either way a lot of what we do is just best practice type things people share and apply it to their own ideas.

If one person has there opinion and another is trying to tell him to change his opinion that seems more like communism to me.
I’m I not allowed to have one?

Once upon a time, when D26 drop-ins ruled the earth, I used to make bespoke lights for people. Nothing fancy, just simple drop-ins. Let them pick the host, the emitter, the driver/modes, and that was pretty much it. You wanted a 1-mode light with 7C, simple 1.4A driver, essentially mimicking a (much brighter) hotwire light, you got it.

Here’s the thing, just the parts would go for 25-30bux back then, and that wasn’t counting my time at all. I’d be doing that as a favor, “selling” them the lights at cost. For my time and aggravation (and implied “warranty”, even if someone uses it as an improvised glass broker or brick smaher, har…), I would’ve wanted to charge at least 50bux total. But who’s gonna pay 50bux for “just a flashlight”?

He wants to make a living doing that kind of thing? Great work if you can find it. I wouldn’t want to get saddled doing that.

Well from what I understand he quit his engineering job and went full-time in this business.

THAT took a pair of big fat harry kiwis. :laughing:

You clearly already know about him and his lights. It sure seems like another thread created to stir things up…

I knew sorta about him and a little bit about his lights. Now I know a lot more about both.

So watt is this some kind of a thread crime? :laughing:

Not a crime just making sure you notta whack job

Maker’s Mark is good stuff isn’t it? :laughing: :beer: