Want ramping 600K Cd budget thrower and best budget hotspot/spill light

Hi! I’m asking about 2 different lights. I’m aware of the Banggood sale prices on the ones below. If you think I should split this in to 2 posts I will.

1. I want a thrower that has at least 600K CD with ramping interface, head diameter 3.5” or less, less than $200. Was looking at, and still reluctantly considering the Astrolux MF02 XHP35 HI 3000Lumens Long Range LED Flashlight, Neutral white. If it had a ramping interface it would be perfect. Anything better/cheaper/ramping out there?

2. I want the brightest ramping flood or hotspot/spill light under $180. Seriously considering the Haikelite MT09R 3x XHP70.2 25000LM, 5000K CCT. Anything better/cheaper?


The XHP35 hi can’t deliver 3000 Lm

See TA’S test here

Best does not mean much as it all depends on your expectations and what you plan to use those lights for. If you could explain what you want to do it will certainly help narrow down recommendations.

For a long range thrower with ramping and if you don’t mind the size, the BLF GT could be the one you need. Note that the warmer the tint the more efficient it gets at cutting through the atmosphere because of less scattering. Warm white would be ideal but i don’t think it is available - unless you mod it yourself.

As for the MT09R, it does not really fall into the flooder category. It does throw quite a bit with a bright hotspot - if i recall correctly, which can be very annoying at short range as the hotspot tends to blind you and reduce your perception of the surroundings. Also i don’t think it reaches the announced 25k lumens - more in the 18K. How about the Astrolux MF01S or the very compact Emisar D18?

Thanks for the replies and links so far. All the manufacturers exaggerate a bit so I never expected any light to achieve its advertised specs. :slight_smile: If they all get 2/3rds of what’s claimed it will work. :slight_smile: I’d rather have 2/3rds of 25K Lm than 2/3rds of 15K Lm. Hot spot and spill is optimal for me but flood is acceptable.

I’m sticking with a head size 3.5” or less. 4” or more won’t fit.

I mainly use my lights in wilderness areas, which is why I need the ramping interface. When trees are close together 200 Lm may blind you. Every step brings you in to different conditions and the light level has to be constantly adjusted. When you’re out of the forest on a hillside you want as much reach as you can.

The thrower will often be used in daylight to illuminate dense shadows in the forest. When my eyes aren’t dark adapted I need a lot of light to be able to see what I need to.

I have smaller lights and headlamps for the easy stuff.

MT09r has been tested at around 12500 to 15000 lumens. Someone compared it to the MF01s which surprisingly out threw it (MT09r) by a little.

I’m guessing that the multi SST 20 lights are going to be pure flood instead of hotspot/spill. Is that right? The hotspot is much more useful to me.

Are you referring to the multi optics lights like the Astrolux MF01S? They’re not pure flood, they’re more like pure hotspot. One really large hotspot.