Wanting to buy a 20000mah+ powerbank with removable cells and 4 Amp charging

hello guys as title says i want to buy a powerbank that i can remove the cells when they die. I am looking for something around the 20000mah to 50000mah.
I will be travelling alot and i need to charge my 2 phones and a dslr camera. I dont mind if it has only 2 exit as long as they are fast charge.
Id be gratefull if somone can help me figuring out what to get
thank you

i just bought a powerbank with 8*18650 slots and DC output for charging high voltage device like my laptop
it’s from china
i don’t know its name but the spec is good

Depending on your budget, the Omnicharge Omni Ultimate that maukka shared may be of interest.

That means 6 or more replaceable cells, I am not sure that is very practical.
Up to four cells is fine to replace, but anything more and I am not sure I would like to replace them (An extra power bank it not that much overhead, compared to a spare set of batteries in that size).

i have at home a diy powerbank chip that is not too bad but i wanted to buy some 18650’s and the price of them to get 20000mah is higher than buying the new
Anker PowerCore II 20000mah so i am not sure and its setting me off

on amazon 4x Samsung INR18650 – 35E are 25 euro… is it worth it?

well, it’s up to you, if you can take a risk and can ship from china, a single 18650 34E will cost about 3 or 4 dollar

do you think that doing Diy would be cheaper? what is a good chip for diy powerbank?

i can also consider other battery technology types

I would suggest Xiaomi 2C (20000Mah) at ~25 euros and forget about removable batteries.

The alternative is to build a 20000Mah powerbank with, for example, 6*NCR18650B and a DIY powerbank case. It will cost you ~30 euros just for the batteries + at least 10 euros for a low to medium quality DIY case and, still, 2C will be better, cheaper and it will cost less to replace than 6*18650 when batteries die.

Get a 2C or get 2*2C if you need more capacity.

Might consider a solar charged power cell but 50,000 mili amp hours is a ton. A good 18650 is only putting out 3000 to 4000 mili amp hours so you need 16 cells at 5$ a piece, that’s 80$ for batteries and it will take a long time to recharge 16 batteries and the cost of the chargers. I see some power banks on ebay claiming to be 50,000 mili amp hours 9000000mAh 4 USB External Power Bank Portable LCD LED Charger for Cell Phone US | eBay this is listed for 15.99 there is no way this is 50,000 mili amps. Here is a video of a guy making one with 2,200 mili amp hour 18650,s and it is much bigger that that battery pack on ebay. How to Make a 50,000 mAh Power Bank from Scrap Laptop Battery - YouTube. Then this guy makes a 40,000 mili amp hour battery out of 3-6800 mah =20,400 + 3-1500 mah =4500 so 20,400 + 4500 =24,900 40000mAh power bank , Homemade a power bank - YouTube not even close to the 40,000 claim. A samsung S8+has a 3800 mah I phone s8+2,900 mah and a I pad air laptop battery is 7,150 mah. You are most likely getting a 20,000 mah battery and you will only be able to use to 2/3 of that avaible power not sure the phone and computer but that would help to determine the mah of the batteries in those devices to see what you really need my thought is with a 20000mah battery you could charge each phone and the laptop not sure the capacity of the camera battery but figure that information out first to determine your overall MAH then see what size you need . Here is a good video that explains the actual use you will get from various battery chargers Does a 3000 mAh portable power bank charge a 3000 mAh phone? - Gary explains - Android Authority. Hope some of this helps you can build a 50,000 mah battery but it will cost you a bit at least with a solar charger you can recharge your batteries on the go when you are not using your power bank.

You are looking for the ultimate DIY power bank? I think this is it! - https://detail.1688.com/offer/522199323051.html?spm=a2615.2177701.5680897.3.4a144847wMG2aV

This beast can output over 100W of power.

Are you planning to carry this thing on a plane at some point?

You can’t carry a battery pack or power bank of more than 100Wh on a plane, unless you get prior approval from the airline. For a standard Li-Ion equipped USB power bank, that’s in the range of 25000mAh to 28000mAh, depending on the nominal voltage of your cells.

For me a 20,000 mAh power bank is too large, and Iwould prefer 2ea 10,000 mAh such as Xiamoi. I recently bought a 20,000mAh power bank to see if I liked it, and I did not. I gave it to my daughter.

I have concluded it is also cheaper to get a good “factory” uit than to buy a quality DIY unit and then quality batteries.

The worst thing you can carry for traveling is dead weight, get yourself a compact and efficient powerbank like the xiaomi 2C or 10,000mah, a good set of cables and fast charger.

Powerbank with removable cells are often inefficient, takes more weight and volume, and loose cells makes it not as safe.

You can go for the 8-cell version of the YZXStudio Powerbank:

Or get 2x Soshine E3S-QC with 30W output: